Knifing pains

Hi everyone,

Im so fed up..... really tired wondering and hoping that this pain will come to an end. I have had this awful lower back pain for months now but of lately it feels like a knife cutting through my lower/pelvic area ad well as lower back. Today Im sitting and its just there cutting through, wondering to go to see my GP tomorrow, then again ...... I dont want to go as I feel awkward visiting and complaining . My hip bone on both sides ache, I cant even lie on my side ........ its agonizing. I have been taking codine, ibuprofen and paracetamol which helps a tiny bit. My rhuematologist is now writing to my GP to prescribe prescribe some anti-rheumatic meds, waiting to see how this goes. apart from this, aching wrist, fingers, shoulders and ribs. Im a mother of three, eldest is 18 yrs old and youngest is 6mths old on Thursday coming.Wish my life was better.

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  • Hi there,Iam so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.The areayou describe is also where I have been suffering with pain as well as other areas so I can truly emphasise with how you are feeling.Ive been in flare for 2-3 months now with all fibro symptoms in flare and it's aweful.Have you got other conditions as well as fibro? Iam a single mum of an 11 year old and 5 year old and it's so tough trying to be a good parent when fibro is screaming.Have you got any practical and emotional support in place? I suffered with post -natal depression twice,Iam not saying that you have this but am concerned for you as having ill health and a baby is tough.I now get help from social services where I have two carers to help me with the things I struggle with which includes looking after my kids.I really do hope that you have some support as I had none and I believe that it contributed to my ill health.What are the new meds you are waiting to try called?xxx

  • Hi Haribo, thanks for your reply, yes I have PND, I am currently having CBT and also taking Sertraline, I think it helps but at times I go back to square one with my mood and anxiety. I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes, Chronic Inflammatory Demylating Polyneuropathy (I still dont know what that means) Fibromyalgia and RA. Im a single mum and amaze myself as to how I care for my kids - I must be superwoman :)

    Started sulfasalazine in July but had to stop due to serious side effects, I was not able to take anything else just yet as I am still breastfeeding. Baby will be 6 mths in a few days so waiting to start hydroxychloroquine and gabapentin. I do not have any help and would be happy to ave some but Im sure I would not be lucky enough, its pretty tough though. Started hydrotherapy, has its ups and downs. xx

  • Hi again,can you tell me what PND is as I don't know.Regarding the help I get it's definitely worth it you trying as you are on your own by the sounds of things and you have a lot going on so Iam sure that you would be entitled to some help.If you ring adult social services and say that you need some help,and ask for an assessment of your needs they will send someone round to do an assessment of what you need help with and how much help you have already.It does take time but bear with it as I have found them to be so supportive.I get 35 hours help a week and I would seriously not be able to cope now without it.Plese give it a try as I really do feel for you.What area do you live in?xxx

  • PND is post natal depression. I live in London, also gearing to go back to work in January. I need to be at work, it gives me a sense of being a person, dont know how I will manage then. I am so afraid of social services where it comes to my kids.

  • Please don't be frightened of contacting them as that is how I felt but they have been great and most definitely will take your kids away as they want to support you in looking after your kids and home etc..I live in canvey island in Essex,don't know if you have heard of it?If you want to chat to me about the PND or anything else then feel free to message me.I really do admire you in trying to go back to work,in fact Iam in awe of anyone who can work with just fibro let alone with all the other things you have going on.Try to be gentle on yourself and don't push yourself to be able to work if you can.I do understand what you mean though as I had to give up my nursing career 8 years ago and I feel like Iam useless now but Iam still hoping that maybe just one day I will be fit to do a bit of work.Got to go now as my brain has gone blank lol,lots of gentle hugs coming your way xxx

  • Poor you. I hope you feel better soon. I only get the knifing pain in my feet so don't suffer like you do.

    Gentle hugs


  • Thanks Jillylin X

  • I'm a single mum of a 5 yr old and 3 yr old... I have excactly the same. Where the two dimples are in the lower back I feel like swords are stabbing me, pressure, pushing... And I can't lie on either side to go to sleep , I chop and change sides when I can't bare the pain and rarely sleep more than 3 hrs.. I have over active bladder so I'm at the toilet too!! I'm constantly tired.. I am on cymbalta and tramodal. And at night to help sleep.i take amytryptyline and clonazepan.

  • None of the tablets seem to help anymore.. I read about massage techniques for trigger points in the back legs hips etc.... And I have found a marvellous young lady in Lymm , who is a physio but also deals and believes in fibro. She knows where to press, massage , it hurts of course, but after 4 sessions of an hour each I began to be less stiff.. More mobile and halved my tramodal .. It certainly helped me... Belinda.. X

  • Its good to know that you are having relief with massage, I had a massage once and have since then regretted having it as I was in more pain hours later. How do you manage with the kids ?

  • I understand what you say about massage, I work on the no pain, no gain ethos !! I wish I could afford for more regular treatments, infact I wish I had my own personal one to call on as and when I need a help with my aches and pains.

    Sending positive healing thoughts your way :-)

    Whoops that was a reply to Cannybee :D

    Foggy x

  • Hi lizz,

    I too suffer hugely with my back, and I really understand when you say about pain in your lower back and pelvic area. Could I possibly suggest that you ask your doctor whether it might be beneficial for you to wear a back brace for a period of time. I've had a spinal compression fracture, but also my pelvis isn't playing ball, and my osteopath in consultation with my doctor have urged me to wear a back brace and it certainly does ease the pain, my bottom was feeling like someone had played a particularly hard game of football with it, now, having worn it for two weeks and with other help too (calcitonin injections for he compression fracture) things are beginning to feel more stable. Yes, it is a fag to put on and take off when the call of nature arises, but the benefits, in my case have been good. I am not saying this is necessarily the solution for you as we are all individual, but it just a thought that you could discuss with your doctor to see if it might help you.

    Sending positive healing thoughts your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you foggy, I cant even sleep at the moment, baby fast asleep which is good feeling so low, neck paining, having hypoglyceamia...... having a quick drink, I dont think anyone can understand my complaints apart from this community.

  • I have a lot of stabby pains in my lower back, I've just started some physio to help develop core strength, but aside from that I use microwaveable heat packs and/or heat plasters and/or TENS machine - depends on the day really! Hope you get some relief soon.

  • hi, omg, i feel so much for you, i,m also suffering the knifing pain, in my shoulder, spine, lower back,have been for two weeks now, can not get myself out of bed,hopefully will come to an end soon, i thought you would say your frightened of social service, don,t be, you really do need the help, you wont get no meadill,s for coping alone, use them to your advantage, they will help you in the long run, an would really rethink, about going back to work, so soon, i myself went back to work, an lasted 9 months, i,m now suffering more for going back to work, i do hope you feel less pain soon, i really do feel for you, i know i could,nt cope if i had a little one, warm warm hugs to you, please let me know how you get on

  • The lady I use isn't just a physio. There are only a handful that know Myofascial release technique... She never does anything u can't bare, and is really gentle and understanding.. I have been to osteo for years and chiro too.. And I have never had as much relief as this... It's like a miracle.. I used to take 8 tramadol a day, and I'm down to 4, and hopefully less soon.. I can't stop raving about how good this technique is... Google it on you tube .. If it helped me , it could help someone else.. And for the lady who asked how I manage with the kids... It's slowly... Everything takes me time.. But if it wasn't for those 2 kids of mine.. Then I prob wouldn't b here.. They give me something to live for.. :)

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