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really upset

Im really upset, I was supposed to go to ms centre today but as Ive been really ill this week i rreally couldnt face it, I was really hurt when the lady from independant living phoned yesterday and got really brisk and shouted at me for not being able to go, it seems she another that doesnt understand this illness, she was damn lucky I felt so ill otherwise she d have got a mouth full, I will complain to social services about her

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Omg, that's terrible. What a horrible woman. There was no need at all for that behaviour.



Hi lally, sending you a big gentle hug.

What an awful woman, i would complain too. If thats what she is like, she obviously doesnt get illness like ours.

take it easy.

kel xxxx


how awful for you ,sending you hugs xxx


How dare she behave this way? I wonder what was behind it? Usually these people have such good people skills. She must have been really worked up to have actually shouted at you and I would imagine her work colleagues would have been shocked, because if they weren't, they were at fault too.

Do complain about her and explain how ill you were feeling at the time. Hopefully she will get the help she needs and not do this again.

I am sorry if this was not an expected answer, its just a shock that she behaved this way and she was probably very upset her end too. Her bosses do need to know in order to put this right.

It could also be that her people are too scared of her to say something themselves!

In the meantime see if you can arrange another appointment and hopefully you won't come across her again and you will be well enough to go!

Soft hugs


that is disgusting al lady in her job of all things talking to you like that best you call or write and put in a formal complaint i had a case similsr to this when my nanny died 20 years ago now i was absolutely devasted and anyway i called berevement counselling the lady was so rude and unkind to me i phoned the head office and put in a complaint against her and it turned out she awas the head lady lol how do people get these job?????? you make sure you do it you dont need that on top of everyhing else love to you diddle x


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