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first migraine in nearly a year

i knew I was in for it on monday when my legs starting playing up and hurting/aching and stiff. i also slipped on monday night. woke yesterday morning with a migraine - usually when I vomit the headache eases but vomitted numerous times yesterday and still had headache. it eased last night but woke this morning still feeling sick, with dry eyes and mouth. I can cope most days but not when FM throws something else at me.... i havent had a migraine since my neck op to remove a disc

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Oh dear bless you . you are suufering at the min hopethings get better for you love diddle x


Migraines are the worst when you have it bad like that. I just have to lie in very dark room with no noise (not easy in street like mine) but i really symapthise.Hope the day gets better for you. XX


Hi wales,

I have migrains but nothing as bad as yours.

I have blurry eyes and the doctor says that is because of my mygrains, i am getting new glasses next week so i am hoping they will help.

Hope it eases soon for you.

hugs, kel xxx


Do you have any medications for migraine? I couldn't cope these days without Imigran (sumatriptan) for when I do get a migraine.

Have you ever been assessed for myofascial pain/restrictions? Myofascial pain can cause migraines. It can also cause leg pain, weakness and restricted movement. And it can be triggered by accidents, like a fall.


i used to have these sorts of mega migraines, but since was put on happy pills for depression ive never(touch wood) had them again. Some doctors do prescribe anti depressants for migraines?xx


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