Do you guys feel worse when you have a cold?

I had a bunged up nose yesterday and was more achie than usual. When I woke this morning boy did I feel ill. I could hardly move anything. I got up slowly as I has a couple of doggies to walk and still felt awful. I didn't go out until 12. I feel like I have flu at the best of times and now I feel awful. A weekend in bed me thinksxx

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  • I forgot to add I have been have the most awful stabbing pains in my left calf. I almost think if I look down someone has stabbed me. Sorry to go on I just feel so horrid.

  • Sorry to hear about your cold....not so great.

    I am not sure why however I have not had a cold for I've probably done it haven't I!!!

    Get well soon x

  • same here rach dont wanna talk it up though love diddle x

  • Hello Pinkpig, Gentle hugs - you have my sympathy xx

    I've not had a cold for many years - until just after my 8 month old Grandson caught one at 5 weeks old - it hit me for 6 and I felt so ill and the fibro pain intensified. It took me a month to recover - only to catch a cold from him and hid mummy (my daughter) straight away. And again I caught a third about 6 weeks ago, from them both! But they were NOTHING compared to getting a hefty dose of the flu 3 years in a row!

    Let me explain - Before I moved to my present address 3 years ago and years before I was diagnosed with Fibro, (6/7 years ago now) I was offered the flu jab every year by my then GP as I and my 2 daughters were asthmatic. When the asthma cleared up and the Fibro came along, I was kept on the flu labs as Fibro is a chronic illness and chronic illnesses are covered to have the jabs. Bot at my new surgery I've been refused the jabs outright and each year I caught the flu - and was put through the wringer because of it triply so more than a healthy person would suffer. I just wanted to die! I could barely move out of bed to pee let alone get on with the day under the restrictions the Fibro set me - So the struggle with having the flu on top made me want to give up - 3 times! Unlucky or what? When October rolls around I'll demand a jab until they give me it! My daughter is not near enough to help out so I had to cope alone - mostly I slept, took pain meds and drank water - too week to do much else - and each bout of flu lasted 6+ weeks!

    Just do the best you are able without pushing yourself if you must do things - but mostly rest and drink plenty, take pain meds and sod the rest of it!

    Carol xx

  • *his

  • Thank you Carol. I have a temp too, so off to bed soon I think. My daughter is over making tea as hubster is out. Thank you for caring xxxxx

  • Take good care, rest well and feel better very soon xx

  • Hiya PinkPig, if you have got flu you will ache from this on top of the fibro so you will feel much worse. Keep yourself warm and rest and have a few hot toddies to help.

    Hope you feel better soon. Love Angela x

  • Thank you Angela xxxxx

  • pinkpig99-Hi,sorry you have been ill with the cold, when I get a cold which

    is not very often, I feel worse, Our immune systems are already, compromized

    having, Fibromyalgia, Therefore we feel the cold, and can get more flu like

    symptoms. Have lemon & honey hot drink, keep warm,get lots, of rest, and feel better,real soooooooon!! Butterflygirl.

  • Oh yes, every time I get a cold it knocks me flat. I think because we cope with so much a little cold pushes over the edge. Trouble is no one seems to understand (except by brill hubby of course xxx) how it effects us.

  • Hope you fell better soon by the way xxx

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