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Oh well my darling daughter knew i did not really feel like driving to hers earlier so she came here with my youngest grandson and picked upthe easter eggs and gifts for the boys.

and my youngest bless her said i diodnt have to go with her and her dad to pick her new car up at five a two hour drive away so bless my darling daughters ,

so been home nearly all day watching Thomas the Tank and Peppa Pig very interesting /.

my daughter took me to Asda to get some lemonade which cost me £34 !!!?? why? you ask because i done the usual thing of walking round the whole store!!!! and yes putting this and that in the basket silly me

oh well i hope you all had a lovely day the sky is now a lovely shade of grey and its turned really cold so i am gonna have hot bath in a bit and curl up on the sofa in my onesey and read my kindle until my partner comes at 8 pm then await my daughter and her new KA to come about 10 pm woo woo cant wait to see it (even though it will be dark) love to you all and have a lovely evening Diddle xxxx

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When I saw the title of your blog I was expecting you to say you had eaten the egg aswell as the carrot cake!!!. Sorry Diddle x


Sound like you have had a very busy day, and have a fab family. Have a really nice sunggle. Nite Hun

Lou x


er meant snuggle x


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