I've really gone and done it this time!

I've done it again, as a single parent I push myself way too hard. With the help of two teenage girls on Saturday, I moved a very lightweight bookcase up to my bedroom, moved a few books around etc. I did it all very slowly aswell! I was really proud of myself until I woke up Monday morning.... OMG, my neck and my GOOD shoulder in total spasms, rock hard muscles and lots of pain. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus feel stupidly tired and very wobbly too. I was doing so well aswell! Mantra for the near and distant future: 'I will listen to my body very closely!'

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  • LMAO at your Mantra lilmisstory - I have that very one as well - but I NEVER do what I am telling myself to do - and repeatedly I'm paying for it!

    Take care sweetie - easier said than done I know - more-so now I'm on my own as both girls have flown the nest :-(

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol xx

  • i have had fibro for a while now ut i still push myself harder each time i drove 300 mile last eek thinking i was doind the right ting by stopping and strecthing every 45 mins i would have a coffee an take my little dog for a short then when i got back home i had a few things to do and move around which i did again taking my time and doing them with lots of rest period but today i trie to wake an my body screamed at me its like my body saying right thats it you wont do it of your own choice then i will make you and it doesnt seem to make any difference how we rest or take things easyi hope this makes sense as im in a bank of brain fog and its made worse with tiredness h

    love and gentle hugs


  • It's so bloody hard isn't it?! I sometimes refuse to stop because if I keep slowing down like this I fear I will go to bed and just not get up again? But like you say, if we push it then we invariably pay the hard way! Oh bless you hope you are ok without your girls... mine are 12 and 9 and its flipping hard at times but god do I love them. Gentle love and hugs back at you xx

  • We all still think we are supemen/women don't we and then have to learn the hard way.

    Hope you feel better soon, love Angela xx

  • I agree with that!I did this superwoman stunt and cleaned the decking of our holiday home for hours on end with the power hose and lifted heavy furniture around. Ended up in A&E with a suspected heart attack! It wasn't,just massive chest muscle pain ! night night,take care and learn from my mistakes! xxx

  • Wonderwoman we are not!lol! hope you feel better soon in future get someone else to lend a helping hand or two! Love Della xx

  • oh i knowitt is stupid isnt it such silly things make us in so much pain love didle x

  • Also always doing the same, pushing myself and then unable to move next day, always never again, till the next time lol. x

  • I like that... never again til the next time.... we never learn....lol


  • Oh how I empathise with you all.Am a single parent/guardian of 2 teenage boys!still try and work to finish paying the mortgage and STILL insist that I am the only one that can do all the jobs a house throws at you. I never learn. It was painting the new shed this week! have had the utmost difficulty getting out of bed at 6am. Have to get up at that time as have to leave for work/school at 8am and need 2 hours just to know I am safe to drive. Keep saying I won't do it all meself next time. BUT guess what!!! Apparently we with FM also have this controling streak in us, that means we THINK we are the only ones that can do the job. I just feel I have to carry on as I have always done as I can't face the alternative. Best wishes Sue.

  • that is the problem Sue the alternative i think we can all relate to that xx

  • feeling wobbly thats the bit i dont like cant come down stairs without holding on wife moans about me bumping into things but at least got 3 married boys and soninlaw so do have help if i allow myself to ask best of luck next time you wont feel so bad soft hugs xx

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