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Dreading bed

So last night my boyfriend was away, first time I've been alone in this house. We sleep on the ground floor, I say sleep, I should say go to bed. Sleeping is tough at the best of times but him not being there made me feel so vulnerable and on edge I heard every noise in the house. When I did start to drift off the pain in my hips either made me have the most bizarre dreams or it woke me with a start and then I couldn't get back off. Every 20 minutes this went on for until at 4am I succumbed to the evil drugs and took some co codamol. My boyfriend's away again tonight and I'm now dreading bed, I'm meant to be working in the morning, I know I should at least attempt go to bed but what's the point if I just spend the night tossing and turning? Maybe sleeping on the sofa with the tv on keeping me company is the better option.

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Bless ya, i am exactly the same hun when hubby working lates or nights. Just settle down where you are comfortable.

I know its hard, try to relax. Maybe turn lights off but keep tv on, and just watch something, or reading hopeful you will nod off.

Its always worse, when know you need to get up for work . If your anything like me more i try, the more i lay awake. So i just try to concentrate on relaxing and hopefully the sleep will come. Lou x


oh bless you i am on my own every night it does not worry me but not nice if you are nervous but do what you said put tv on and you will prob find you drift off without realising it love to you diddle x


Awww :-( hope you had a better night last niught, Lolly. Can empathise about solo worries and hearing things go bump in the night.

I lived on my own here for 7 months and used to catnap downstairs at night a lot, with the tv on. We have a comfy chair you can raise the feet off. I'd cover myself in a fleece and lay back. The drone of the tv would lull me off eventually, even if it was my fave programme - thank goodness for Sky+ recordings - rewind..... lol.

My cats are like guard dogs and growl when they hear strange sounds (before skulking off upstairs), so unless they were disturbed (all 3 used to pile on top of me!) I didn't worry.

On the plus side, I've seen some fabulous dawns thru my bay window and out across the valley (in North Devon, by the border with Cornwall). I also used to bank myself up on pillows in bed and read til I nodded off. Again, one quarter turn of the head and I witnessed some wonderful skies which stopped me regretting my relocation down here :-D


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