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The dreaded brown envelope!


Well it finally arrived...the dreaded brown envelope containing the medical report from atos Dr plus other rubbish from DLA saying I'm not successful with my surprise there!

Not sure what to do next,I don't think I want to carry on with it and go to tribunal,all seems to mutch to deal with!..xx

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Hi pinkblossom,

So sorry to read this. Have you got someone who could help you with an appeal or have you been through so much that you just can't face it?

Sorry to ask but as I am fairly new to this site (I joined a few weeks ago) I haven't got to know everyone on this site and so I am not sure of different people's situations i.e. how much hassle they have already been through.

You must be feeling disappointed to say the least (I am being very polite!) and I feel for you. I really do feel that we are all being criminalised just because a few people cheat the welfare system. When you think of the pittance which we are entitled to it is hardly going to save the country millions especially when you consider the cost of changing the system and the cost of all the admin. as well as the huge salaries the Atos people are being paid. It really is sickening....and still we hear of Govt ministers fraudulently claiming thousands in expenses.

I can understand that it all seems too much to deal with but maybe, in a few days, you might feel a little bit stronger and able to put up a bit of a fight with some help from someone else if possible. I find all this paperwork just too daunting to deal with and the thought of it all exhausts me. I always have to have help.

Take care, pinkblossom.

Love and comforting hugs from Saskia XX

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Thanks saskia for your positive words,iv been on this site for quite a while and have done a few blogs ect,but for about 2 weeks iv been reading everyone else's blogs and just not had the energy to write anything.

I know I should try and go to tribunal and will have to find someone to help me,but after hearing a lot of other people's problems I guess in the back of my mind I think that maybe I'm not as bad as others...I don't know.

I know one thing though...I'm glad my dog growled at the ATOS Dr when he came dog must have known what the outcome would be !!

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Oh bless! Your dog must be intuitive lol! So sorry it didn't go your way this time Pinkblossom, give yourself a day or two to think about things and then tackle the idea of appealing if you're up to it.

We will do all we can to help and support you along the way. The Benefits and Work info sheets cover appeals too. Also the CAB can advise you on this process too and how to prepare etc.

We are always here for you and we do care about you as we do all our lovely members. :)

(((hug))) xxx


Love it!

I think I remember your blog about your assessment it a little terrier you have and your mum meant to shut him/her in the kitchen but forgot and the dog growled at the chap when he came in and also never bothered to thank you for his cup of tea/coffee? Or am I getting you confused with someone else? I read quite a lot of the blogs but, like you, don't always have the energy to respond, although in my heart I do feel for people and worry about them all. Your very pretty name sticks in my mind (as I love pink blossom in particular!) and I am sure we have communicated with each other over the past few weeks but my memory is shot to pieces when it comes to remembering what everything is about. The doggie incident stuck in my mind 'cos I love animals and it amused me to think of a dog growling at an Atos person! Mine would have done the same! We have 2 mad rescue collie/shepherd crosses!

Do try to find someone who could help you with an appeal. Do you have an advice centre or CAB near you?

I am trying to summon up the strength to write a blog, as I had a very confusing and exhausting day yesterday but at the moment I just don't feel up to putting it all into words. Also it is disappointing when you make a huge effort to write a blog 'cos you need advice or reassurance (and in my case it takes me ages 'cos I make so many mistakes as my typing isn't too good 'cos my fingers have a life of their own and spasm and shake and it takes me ages to correct all the mistakes) and then after making all that effort hardly anyone responds to the blog. Of course I do understand why that is 'cos we are all struggling and lacking in energy or have other things on our minds and so don't always have the time to respond. Some people seem to get loads of replies though. Have you noticed that? Perhaps it is 'cos what I write doesn't interest that many people! That's the paranoia setting in.....ha...ha!

Seriously though, dear Libs usually responds to me as do a few other lovely people, yourself included, and I really appreciate that.

Try not to think that others are worse off than you, as you are obviously struggling, otherwise you would not have applied for DLA in the first place. I often feel the same as you but I did get DLA 4 years ago, having been advised by medical personnel to apply. I went to an advice centre and they helped me with all the forms. I am sure there are many people who are much worse off than me but it doesn't take away from the fact that I struggle every day and need my husband to help me and drive me about. I gave up driving a few years ago.

SOOoooo investigate where you might be able to get some help and let someone else do all the donkey work for you.

That's all for now. Keep warm and cosy. Hugs Saskia XX

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Thanks Saskia for your kind words, much appreciated. (((hug))) xxx :D


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Hi saskia

I have just been reading through the replies iv had for my post and just notice the reply I sent you not long after I received this from you never made it to you!

In one part I said that I agreed with you about not having a response sometimes from other people and in it I said about replies iv sent and blogs iv written have just dissapeared....and would you happened again!

I even have you a pat no the back for remembering so mutch about my previouse blog which included mum the dog and the ATOS man.i can't quite remember what I wrote earlier so I would just like to say thank you for your replies and your kind a supporting words,

Wishing lots of soft hugs

Julie xxxxx


Hi there

I am so sorry about your bad news, I can fully understand why you might not want to pursue it to tribunal but I would ask that you consider this. If every sick or disabled person took the same view then the Govt has won, it has succeeded in grinding us down and making us invisible, if they had their way we would all miraculously disappear overnight.

We musn't allow this to happen. We have paid into the system through our taxes and NI contributions and we have a right to whatever pittance the Govt decides we should have. People have fought and died so that disabled people have rights. We should make sure we honour them and their sacrifice.

This is not Nazi Germany (although you could be forbidden for thinking it is at times) and disabled people have the same right to be here as the able bodied. No one would choose to be like this, we would all like to be able to work and contribute if our health allowed, but it doesn't. You owe it to yourself to appeal, many people are successful and every one who is strikes a blow against this Govt and Atos.

Make sure you get every help you can, CAB or Welfare Rights will help and there are plenty of free online guides to help you make the best case you can. I know it's easy for me to sit here and pontificate lol but I passionately believe that you are entitled to that money and no one should be able to say you are not. I am a member of Benefits and Work and have claimed DLA in the past and have been successful so if I can help in any way please let me know. Good Luck.

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Thank you silverstar,I do understand what you are saying,I guess we all get to the point of when that dreaded letter comes with bad news we do feel a bit fed up with it all,I know once I get the wind behind my sails again I'll be ok.

I will look into getting help with sorting out the paper work for the tribunal,I shall contact CAB and see if they can help.

Thank you for your offer of help,I really appreciate it,its very kind of you.

Take care and keep nice and warm

Julie xx

Hi Pinkblossom,

I know exacly what you are saying, I went for an appeal a few years ago to have my low rate care upped to middle,I was then getting high rate mobility as well. They basically told me if I let it go that day, I could keep my benefits as they were, but if I pursued it I was risking losing everything, I was basically *hit scared of them, so decided to drop the appeal. This time when I renewed in Oct they kept my care the same, but took the mobility off me, when my walking has deteriorated since. I was so mad and wrote back to them on several occasions, but they were not budging, I felt like they were making an example out of me, so with the thought of I have nothing to lose this time, Ive gone for it again, this time gone to the CAB who are helping me, Ive got an appointment for next week to help me sort my recomendations out. Don't get me wrong I'm too soft and will end up blubbering at them, but at the moment I'm mad. It must show that I'm not putting it on because with losing the high rate mobility i lost my blue parking badge, but went through my local council, had to go for an assessment and hey presto I have not got another blue badge, that is def a god send when shopping etc.

So before you think about not doing it, think on all the posts here, and try to find the strength to go for it, like me what have you got to lose.

Hi Julie

This info may be useful:

The page includes links of where to go for specialist advice and legal support.

If you email, then our Administrator Emma can send out the Benefits & Work guides for free. These are very good and help with all stages of a claim/appeal.

Can I please use this link and ask for the leaflets as I'm currentyl undergoing an appeal and any info would be great ? xx

Thanks Linsey,Iv got the work and benefits guide,I think I printed them out,I shall have another look at them,I will look at the fibroaction pages you recommended.

Julie xx

You have good advice here hun. They are actually banking on people not to take it further or go to tribunal. They say that if you do not take it further then you really never needed it in the first place. But I would ask for all the reports to find out how they came to their decision and take it from there xxxxx

Hello Pinkblossom,

Im sorry that you were refused DLA, please don't give up. Wouls suggest that you lookm up the Law Centre in your area, type into search engine for example Law Centre in Manchester and some for that area will come up on computer, they will give you free advice and act on your behalf, help you to fill in forms for benefits and represent you at appeals, they are all trained solicitors who specialise in benefits claims, this is what you need and they are really helpful. Try and be strong and with help you will succeed. I wish you all the best.


Hi scruffybabe

I'm sorry I didn't reply to you yesterday but I just crashed out on sofa all evening and didn't do anything but know how it is!

Thanks for your advice,iv not even heard of the law centre but I shall have a look this long as I don't nod off again!

It certainly drains you all these forms,I just need to get my head around it all!

Soft hugs and keep nice and warm.


hello pinkblossom,

i hope that you are feeling a littlre better today, i had similar thing today , i work and fell asleeo sitting down and children watching in classroom, i was not the person looking after them, was just in the same room, but one said to me "are you very tired miss" bless thwem, but i felt so embaarassed, i just cant help myself when the fatige takes me, but what can we do? Hope you have the strength to make contcat with the Law Centre who will be glad to help you, they are very, very good and gave me some helpful advice over the telephone which i would not have known about, they are there for us and to help us win our rights with benefits, this solicitor was the only person to give me somer confidence and guide me through what i should do to help me and then he told me to contact him back, i will probably start a new application for DLA with his help and also get him to help me with forms ect. Its just a sghame we have to go through all of this to get what should rightfully be ours and for DWP to add more stress and upset to our already fragile bodies. best wishes.


Sorry it went so wrong for you. But they are banking on you being too fed up to carry on. Do not give them the satisfaction of saying 'another one bites the dust'. Go and have your say xxxxxx

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