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Got to take my daughter to work at 8.30 this morning and pick her upat 5pm as her car insurance was transferred at midnight to her new car that she is picking up from bury st Edmunds on tues night so i am taxi today and tommorrow morning we are so excited for her to get her new car bless her she works harsd and is an apprentice at anoffice doing business admin and has saved up to upgrade her x reg K A to a 2007 plate KA woo woo anyway have a nice day everyone love to you diddle x

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Hope the sun is shining where you are! Have a good day sweetie xxxx


Hi ther how are you today / good i hope well you know what i mean being fellow fibro suffereer it prob best not ask "how ware you" lol xxxx yes the sky is very light blue and sun is trying its best to peep out it quite cold today though ok now off so you have good day love and hugs to you diddle x


In pain as usual!! but hey, the sun is shining!!!! got doctors in an hour so got to get into gear...... new meds today I hope... lol

sending gentle hugs!!!!!!


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