Does anyone know how I get a referral to wheelchair services?

I live in Fife Scotland. I have a walker but my mobility has got a lot worse and I'm unable to use it. I feel like a prisoner as I'm not even able to walk around the shops, sit in the seats at the cinema ( have a 10 year old who's now suffering as I can't take him out). I have an appointment with my GP this week but don't if she can help. Any advice/info would be great.

Gentle hugs xxx

G xxx

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  • Hi Jules and Chris

    Thank you. I'm in the process of filling out my DLA form (taken weeks). I think because of my weight it would have to be a motorised chair. I do have a scooter but there are places I would like to go where a scooter wouldn't be any good like cinema, bus, train, holiday's.

    I'll give social services a call tomorrow and I"l let you know how I get on.

    G xxxx

  • HI yes i just phoned my local social services and they did a referral for a wheelchair, unfortunately in my area there is an 18 month waiting list so hope you have better luck than me.

    There are usually a few on ebay going cheap as well including motorised and re conditioned etc, amanda x

  • my social worker has got re ablement to come out to measure me up for mine

  • I had a referal from my specialist, my physio and my GP, lots of people can refer you to wheelchair services, i am in sussex there is quite a queue down here to be seen and about an 8 month waiting list for the wheelchair i dont know what it is like anywhere else though

  • Hi Grumpy, i am also a fifer, there is alot in fife for wheelchair users, u have dial a ride, motability scooters that you can use in the shopping areas or in the high streets.

    I am not that bad myself, but my mum has a blue badge it really opens your eyes to see what is out there for the disabled, or phone fife council in the morning or contact the CAB. ;) anne xx

  • Hi Grumpy, i have been in a wheelchair for a few years now, i have had my 1st electric chair, january just gone, my 1st chair i got was through my OT but my electric chair i was refered for by my GP, i live in london, and there are new rules, you have to need a wheelchair to use in the home and to get from room to room,or special circumstances ie if your on your own and would have no one to push you about, i had to have quite a few visits and several assesments from the wheelchair people and several tests sitting in the electric wheelchair, before it was finally agreed, but going through your doctor is the quickest route in london anyway, i would suggest you ask your GP and explaine to him on your next visit and ask him to refer you, i hope this helps, good luck xxxxx

  • Thank you all for the great advice. I'll let you know how I get on. I love this site everyone is so helpful and friendly you're all amazing :)

    G xxx

  • good luck i was going to say what everyone else has so hope yu get onok seems like you willbe successful as someone in your area has given you advice love to you diddle x

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