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Hi everyone !!

Hi i am pretty new to writing blog's but thought i would try it.

I'm 25 and i have had fibro for a year and a half now. I think i managed it pretty well in the past with the help of painkillers and amitriptyline. I have a job as a support worker for people with learning difficulties. It's a rewarding job but really physically draining and i really don't no how i used to it manage. But somehow i did. that is until 2months ago when i had a big flare up. I'm still off work and still struggling to do most things but it think its getting slightly better or i'm dealing with it better. Know idea which one it is though.

I'm really struggling to pay the bills now, so i think im going to have to go back to work at the begining of september whether im better or not.

I don't really know anybody except for my grandma who has fibro and certainly haven't met anyone my age with it before. But would be nice to chat to people who understand what its like to live a life of pain. I've found that very few people really understand it.

well thanks for reading this anyway :)

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I to had the same job as you mine dtarted wen a s/u attacked me! But u could never prove it! I had to leave in the end after 13years! No one was bothered i felt so crap! Just got hauled in wen i had time off fir flare ups! So i did wot was bedt fir me it was hard st first but the best thing in the end best of luck xx


Hi Kathryn. Welcome to our fibro family hope you find the site informative, helpful and a place where you can let of steam and moan about the unfairness of living wiv fibro. Its not all doom & gloom on here though and hopefully u will meet likeminded people who struggle to live with the daily effects of fibro but manage to do so wiv humour courage strenght nd dignity. Wow firstly I must say that 25 is pretty young to b dealing wiv this horrible condition and other peoples ignorange and lack of knowledge about this condition doesnt help. You definetly dont get much sympathy with a hidden illness. Im sorry to hear your having a flair up and finding it difficult to work. Im a childcare worker and also do support work in homeless hostels some week ends and its very demanding work so if possible pace yourself, lreduce your hours or ask for a more fibro friendly rota, ask your staff team nd management to look at your duties and see if they can ensure you have addittional help for the heavier duties. Make an appointment wiv your local citizens advice and see what benefits ypu might be entitled too to help you decrease ur hours without financially crippling you. Ultimately you must remember that ur health is ur priority and that staff no matter how dedicated are ultimately replaceable so put urself first :-) hopefully chat again soon take care )))((( dixie


Hello and welcome Kathryn to our lovely forum! Take a look around there is so much info here, take a look at the tags too. There is help, support and advice here as well as friendship too!

If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us, we're only too happy to help.

We all understand here as we are all in the same boat, so no matter what your problem is, or whatever your concerns are, we've all been through it or are going through it.

Take care and see you around the forum Kathryn! :)

(Dixie gives you some good advice above, pop along to your local CAB and they can advise you what you'd be entitled to benefit wise and what your position is if you are too unwell to go back to work. I hope it all works out for you.)


hi and welcome xx

advice always helpful ..and there are great people who know there stuff xx

gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi Kathryn

We are a friendly lot on here. Hope you can gain some advice help & comfort from the site.

Gentle hugs xx


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