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Morning everyone

I am so hurting everywhere today. :(

Its proberbly due to this horrible bad weather we are having up in cumbria. We have had that bad rain that a river took away the back of a house, then last night half of my towns houses got flooded, thankfully it wasnt mine. Also a train derailed about two miles from my house due to a landslide. I just cant believe taht this is august and i am feeling the winter pains creeping in. Its going to be a long winter, i think.

I hope everyone else is feeling better and having better weather than me.

hugs, kel xxxx

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Going to have to put the central heating on soon I think :-( , it is just too damp and cold - I slept with my brushed cotton long sleved pj's on last night ... what happened to summer? I wonder if the weather is why my knees are playing up today?

At least the sun is shining at the moment :-)

Julie xx


The rain has finally stopped here, thankgod i hope it lasts. I have had the heating on too lol. xxxx


i know how u feel hun only august n its cold im getting stocked up on yhe thermals lol ,im off to kent today to c my son n his family so im hoping its a bit warmer down there ,soft hugs tofty xx


Hope you have a good day and the weather is warmer for you. xxxx


It's been a terrible year, weatherwise, even the farmers' crops are bad, so we need to be aware of higher food bills too.

Cheers, Midoir


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