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hello everyone im Maxine

hi my name is Maxine, i live in Cornwall ,im new on here but have been suffering from fibro for a good few years now,I've been to pain management pain clinic, had acupuncture done which didn't help, i also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis degenerative disc disease i have frozen sholders due to using crutches, I've suffered from depression for 23years, i live on my own and have done for about 9years now i have 3children who live 10miles away i see them when they have time, I've got problems with my right hip as its bone rubbing on bone my knees are painful and week and my whole body is week like a rag doll my latest symptoms are losing my balance going giddy and nearly collapsing, i was on so much medication but the doctors have now taken me off most of it , still take victim d and iron, the doctors have given up on me there is no help in Cornwall my family don't understand im crying day and night wishing i was no longer here, im so sorry for such a long message but im so desperate for any help or advice thank you in advance xxxx

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Good Evening Hun,

Welcome to our wonderful fibro forum family! Firstly, let me suggest that you take a sneaky peek at our main site which has loads of useful information and links fmauk.org/

Secondly, you have come to the right place. It can be such a lonely time when you have Fibro, especially when you have other illnesses as well! I know that it really messes with my anxiety and depression when it is bad and especially when I feel like no one understands me! Please also feel like you can come on here, to rant, cry and share laughter as we are all family together!

Are you on any pain medication at all for your Fibro? Have you ever used alternative methods? I rely heavily on my TENs machine, Epsom salts, Magnesium spray and also gentle exercise to get me through the day! The only thing is that I heavily rely on this forum, sometimes just knowing that someone else is feeling the same pain as you or is awake at 2am with you can make all the difference!

You are not alone hun and you are an amazing and brave woman!!! Xxxx


Hi it must be hard for you with not much help.do you have best friend to talk to .a lot people don't understand wot your going through.are you still Sticking to your pain clinic and pain managment teckniks and tools .we are our own worse enemy even me no Stick to it? .try not do to much and get things under controif you can.x


Oh bless you Maxine, firstly it's a pleasure to meet you Hun. Secondly, I agree wholeheartedly with everything that DanielleGemma has said to you. Feel free to talk anytime you want to. I the meantime please take care xx


Hi Maxine welcome to our friendly site, we all understand about the pain and depression you are going through fibromyalgia is a horrible illness as it effects us in so many different ways, I have RA and , osteoarthritis as well as the fibro so know the pain you have , please stay on here as there's always someone to chat to who understands, take care

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Hello ☺


Hi Maxine. Welcome, I live alone also,and don't see many people at all,I feel for you, all I can say is come on here, there's always people too talk too,and we all understand how you feel,a lot of people on here have more than one condition like yourself.it really is a great supportive group,hope too see you around the site,take care


Hi Maxine so very glad you have joined you will make new friends and people really understand what you are going through such brave people like yourself with more than one condition . It's a lifeline and you know there is always someone on hand to listen and support you love yasmintina xxx

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hELLO Maxine, you can tell it as it is on here and everyone will understand and come up with good advice as well. Hope you manage to find some respite. xx


Hiya Maxine...what meds are you still on.Are you on RA meds still. One med I find that helps is hydroxychlorine. It was added to my mix and helps my same 2 diseases you have plus my sticky blood disease .

Is it Truro hospital you go to.I go every year to Cornwall and can only think this is your nearest.

We are all here for you so have a rant and rave.I read all the stories on here in morning and put my 2 pennies worth in.

My kids don't bother helping me but I do have husband and 2 sisters. We all need someone so have a scream at your doctors and insist they help you

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Hello Shortcakeqp1 ,

Welcome to this very friendly forum. You can always find someone who understands what you are going through here.

I hope you don't mind me saying but you seem very low at the moment? I understand how demoralising being in pain and being trapped by worsening mobility is? It can be totally overwhelming?

Have you considered having a quiet sit down with your children and saying just how much you are finding things hard at the moment? Maybe they would be able to come and help you with simple household chores?

I know how difficult this is? Perhaps you could write a letter to them or an email explaining a little of how you are feeling?

It may be better to approach like this as it would give them time to think about their replies ? You would also not be subjected to an instant knee jerk response which they may not have put any thought into?

If you do not feel it is a good time to ask your family them you should perhaps ask your doctor for help? I have no experience of this but you have genuine help needs. Pain killers and anti depressants are not always enough help ?

When I was very down and struggling with health anxiety and depression I asked for counselling? In my area it is called steps2wellbeing. Here , people can self refer or go through your gp? It involved talking on the phone to assess the most appropriate option and then a wait for a counsellor to become available.

I have felt at a very low ebb for sometime. So doing this has really helped me by being able to say something's that having worrying me. I can say things without worrying that I am putting a burden on my family or friends.

This has been a godsend to me. I had been feeling overwhelmed by fear and health anxiety. this does not come with expectations and it can be a huge relief just to find someone who will listen with a fresh ear?

May be something like that could help you too ? I know this would not address the practical difficulties you are experiencing on a day to day basis with your health issues.

Of course that is also why the anonymity of this forum is a blessing too. I hope I have not offended you in anyway? Please remember you are not alone and there are many people on this forum who are more than happy to listen to you and try to help? Myself included of course.

Best wishes to you xx


Hi Maxine and Welcome! I'm so sorry to hear about all your problems. I hope you will meet a lot of friendly people from our fibro-family on the forum who have helped me over the last year or so especially when I have been feeling at a low ebb like this week as it happens.

You have so many health issues and I can relate to a few of them and I find being on my own now since my husband past away last year and still suffering from so much grief is hard to deal with some days. I have chronic pain also, and was such an active person so life is a struggle at times and it seems it is for you also. I recently moved to be nearer my family and have lots of friends around me now who pop in and are always at me to phone them if I want to go out anywhere which is lovely of them, but I still find it hard to ask and try to be as independent as possible.

My family are all working and I don't always get to see them every weekend and don't expect it knowing they have their own lives and things to do, but I know if I need anything they will be here. I feel if some of the family were still living at home with me I wouldn't feel as bad at times. Being on your own is no joy!

I have fibro and bad knee and back pain and my hips have started to bother me now . I am waiting on an MRI for my knees and an Orthopaedic appointment. I was sent for physio as my GP advised the grief had made the fibro so much worse and she felt there was other things going on with me possibly Arthritis but didn't send me for any further tests. I can't kneel as my left knee locks and it can be frightening on your own trying to get it back into place so I avoid kneeling so all the strain is on my back when trying to do anything.

When packing up my house which was a huge ordeal for me, it seems to have made my mobility so much worse and I went to see my GP before the move. It was a locum Dr I saw and he referred me for the scan etc., he seems to think I could have tears in my knee cartilage. It is just over 18 months since my husband passed away ,he had been ill for 3 years with 2 forms of cancer God love him, and I looked after my ill parents and sister before his illness ,plus I have 3 of a family also and 3 grandchildren whom I have helped out with over the years. My GP believes not being able to relax and looking after everyone all these years has caused all of this. I am lucky if I am out once a week, even a walk to the local shop is an effort now for me. I just wish my own GP had referred me last year as physio has done absolutely nothing for me.

I am so sorry you have been battling with depression and it must be awful for you. Fibromyalgia definately doesn't help and chronic pain, and so many say it really affects their mood ,so you have all that going on to. Some days I think I am just existing and not living really, and then I have to give myself a shake and wonder how so many people so much worse accept what life has thrown at them. I have friends who are in wheelchairs and various other conditions and I know I have so much to be thankful for. I find it hard to accept that I can't do the things I used to do. I get told I was such an outgoing bubbly person with a great sense of humour and wonder where that person is now?

I cry so often and I find that gives me some relief. I cry quite often in front of family and friends and wonder if I will ever feel better than this? Is there no one who could help you? Just chatting and venting your feelings to someone I feel can help. It's a pity your family aren't a bit closer to you. My friends keep saying I should go for massage therapy every week or do something for me, but it is a struggle at times even to shower. It may be something that would help me and I really should give it a try. I had accupuncture in my late 30's, didn't realise I had fibro then and I got so much pain relief from it ,something else I keep saying I will do. My energy levels aren't great and I can imagine yours will be the same. Pain in itself is exhausting! Maybe some of these type of therapies would help you if you can't take medication.

It feels as if I have given you all my problems and I apologise for that and the lengthy reply. Feel free to chat anytime, there are lots of us around who will listen and can advise other options you could try. I am sure they must be sick listening to me lol!!! I am even sick of listening to ME hee hee. I wish you all the best and hope you get some improvement in your condition. Sending you Healing Hugs! God Bless, Carol Xx

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