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Morning everyone!

Morning everyone can anyone help me with this, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 3 months ago I was given information after reading up on it and joining this site one thing doesn't add up. I am in constant pain all over but my wrists,ankles,Hip, shoulder, lower back so painful can't get out of bed or shower without help.but if someone touches me I don't fly through the roof. Doses anyone else have fibromyalgia that when someone touches them they don't find it anymore painful than it is already? Trace

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Morning Itnis strange isn't it ! Some people are hyper sensitive about being touched. I am one of those when I am touched it is as if all the nerve ending in my body yell.

Now it can work the other way and makes no effect. There are no right and wrongs it is your body handling out side force.

Hope you have a good day not too much pain :)

A smile for you :) please pass on two



Oh thanks only when I had my pip assessment he thought it funny that I didn't fly through the roof on being touched.and I just wondered if after 3 years trying to find out what's wrong they had got it Wright. Have been diagnosed by rheumatologist.😃


Hello Trace

Fibromyagia is very much tailor made to each person. Some have more pain than fatigue and some the other way around.

I have constant severe pain, but I don't leap through the roof when touched.

It is because we all have such different pain, fatigue and many other different symptoms that it can take such a long time to diagnose.


Lu x


Thanks lu that's put my mind at rest,do you take tramadol? Or pregabalin? Only I've just been changed to these and I just keep drifting off which is annoying as I don't sleep at night. Hugs tracex


Hi again

Yes, I take Tramadol and Gabapentin (which is a very similar type of drug to Pregabalin).

Have you started them both together? They can both cause drowsiness in the first few weeks or so. If you're taking both of them during the course of the day I'm not surprised you are drifting off :)

This does wear off after a while but in the meantime be careful if you are driving anywhere.

I know, it's extremely annoying when you can't sleep at night but are drowsy during the day.

I really hope they help with your pain.

Hugs Lu xx


Hi lu iam sorry took so long to answer bet you thought I had drifted off again, I hadn't. Daughter came up to do my hair as I couldn't,then asked me if I could go in taxi and pick her little girl up (granddaughter) as she had a meeting to no drifting off lol. Yes I was on gabapentin and codalmol, didn't work

so doctor changed me to pregabalin and tramadol. Then upped it to 2pregabalin,1tramadol morning then 2 more tramadol during day then 2pregabalin and 1tramadol at night

Do us take yours together?



There's no rush for you to reply my friend :)

I take my Tramadol and CoDrydamol together and take my Gabapentin and Robaxin together.

I've had Fibro, CFS, Generalised Anxiety Disorder and depression for over 30 years. I managed to work for 34 years, but after a major trauma my pain has gone beyond bareable and I was forced to give up my beloved job 3 years ago.

I was hoping I was just in a massive flare, but just getting through each day has become a huge struggle.

I hate this horrid condition.

Sorry, feeling particularly low today.

Lu xx


Hello Tracy, I know what you mean, I have to be careful touching myself, I feel bruised all over, I am never free from pain, it seems to affect everyone differently. Gentle hugs,


Hi Sophie22 hope your not in to much pain today.Me to always in pain somewhere, just need to get my meds right A VERY VERY gentle hug trace😃


I can feel chronic pain when touched in certain areas such as my wrists and my forearms, I feel like going through the ceiling when touched there!

I am also so genuinely sorry to read that you have Fibro and suffer from its debilitating pain. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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