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Morning all

Well had a few up and down days. Been bit stressed and teary and up ar silly oclock, as i only seem to manage 5hrs sleep. Had a spat of droping things. Broke two plates just watched them fall out of my hands!

Also parked the car the other dy got out and locked it but hd a weird exp that it lkd like it was moving / rolling towards me!

Hubby now thinks im mad. Been sorting out loft cupboards and rubbish for dumping. Then get shattered and have sleep etc for 3 hrs or so. But i wont let it beat me and because family can b rubbish at times id rather do it all myself. I do have a minor ocd issue at times. Anyway thought hubby was getting head round this condition etc. Then came out with the pearl of i read too much on this forum and other sites in relation to illness and then u think u hve this / may hve that. Which then kicked off a row with me ranting yes course it all in my head! Nothing wrong with me eh i must b faking it. Hen i get accused of being assy! All the time. Cant talk to me without me going off on one. Cant win, so may as well not speak to them bout anuthing ever again. Plus covered in bruises from my clear out. Lk like ive been battered, even popped up on my knuckles where i must hve knd them. So thats just normal eh!

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Oh bless you it is lovely to be on here and i have found so much comfort my familythink its great i am on here and can talk to people who really understand what i am goin through as they help me but dont really understand and as for thinking you have this and that well that is silly you have got it or you havent coming on here makes no difference only gives you comfort and advice oh well hope you have better day today love to you diidle x


Hi - its sounds like you're having a bit of a time at the moment... You sound so much like me! I won't give in too, and sometimes my other half will have a go at me for doing myself in, but he knows I have to do things as I have major OCD and can't rest till I do.

The thing is, is that someone who doesn't have your illness won't understand in any way shape or form what you're going through, and won't always believe that there is something wrong. Has he actually had a look at the site? get him to look if he hasn't.. and also reading this blog helped me understand what my other half feels like...


Its difficult for both of you, trust me we all know! we are on here to help, and support you. But he is struggling too xx

Hope you manage to rest and sending you gentle hugs xx


I had to walk away from the computer for a few minutes after reading it... really puts things into perspective x

Cherie, we are all here for you and will support you as much as we can xxx


Tnx for all your comments guys. Glad i found this site, as we do all support and help our little fibro family.

Im sure it will all come out in the wash as they say.going away for easter so the break will mk us all feel better. Providing the sun is out lol.

Love and hugs to all



Its afternoon now, so i wont say morning back lol.

Its nice to meet you cherie. :)

I hope you enjoy your break and fingers crossed you have some sun.

take care, kel xxxx


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