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Morning All,

Why do I feel guilty about feeling ill all the time?

I feel guilty about not being able to look after my hubby as I used to. About my home not being like t used to. I cant help my 2 daughters with my gradchildren as much as I would like to. Dont feel like going anywhere any more cos its such an effort & whether I would be up to it. i feel so guilty just having to sit around cos nothing works properly. A the brain fogs WELL!!!!!!!!!! I hate asking for help. I find it very hard to ask.

Sorry, Im moaning & feeling sorry for myself today.

Gentle Hugs & Hugs xxxxxxxx

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Hey, don't feel sorry for moaning or guilty for that matter. Acceptance of an illness is very hard to come to terms with and I can talk from experience. It is natural i think to feel how you do, however you can't beat yourself up about it. Have you tried counselling? I had to have some and wow, i feel so mych better now. I can understand, accept and explain to others more now how I feel. I am sure your family understand as they will love you. All you can do is as much as you can do. You may make yourself feel worse than you are by carrying the stress and guilt.... i really hope you can get through this and come out the otherside.

Could you speak to your family about how you feel and I am sure they will reassure you and that would make you feel better.

Gool luck and keep smiling xx


Im sure councilling would help you, its very hard to accept this illness, ive always been so independent always helping everyone, I couldnt explain how ill WI felt, how out of control I felt, thanks to my social worker Im now opening up a bit, its not easy telling people about things that are happening to me, Ive had one session of phychotherepy I dont know if will help me coming to terms with things, but Ill give it a try


hi you are not alone i am same feel guilty as cant help my daughters like i used too cant have my grandsons alone for mre than 2 hours they 2 and 4 cant do as much in my house , but am lucky every one around me are now starting o realise i think what this god damn awful fibro is , you take care its natural to feel guilty and i am slowly learning to let go and let others help and look after me on bad days, take care love to you diddle x


Hi Annie, please don't worry about "moaning" as you put it - you're in mental and physical pain. That's what this site is for. You need help to get through your days. So do we all.

The biggest thing is not to stress about stuff. You're only making your condition harder to deal with. So what if your house isn't as tidy or whatever as you'd like it. You say you can "only" have your grandchildren with you for a couple of hours at a time - well I'd defy most people to have active youngsters around for more than that without feeling haggard! On a positive note, at least your grandchildren have a granny to visit and cuddle. Many do not. You are doing really something important for those 2 precious hours at a time, something for each other. They won't forget it, that's for sure.

As for the brain fogs, well, we're all getting older. Blame it on the meds, blame it on the age! Part of managing your condition is managing the expectations of those around you. After all, they'd hate to see you suffer unnecessarily because of not being aware of your limits. They too have limits. We're all human, not Superman! Do what you can, when you can. It will be remembered.

Please don't put pressure on yourself, don't burden yourself any more, but when you need to talk about your day, we're all here to listen. We understand. I'm sure that your family all understand too.


Thank you so much for your kind & helpful comments.

I hope your day has not been too painful or distressing.

Thinking of you all. Keep warm & snug.



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