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Good Morning, i am new to this so any help would be appreciated.

I recently put a post up about my journey to being diagnosed with fibro where i had alot of comments and help which i cannot be more thankful for.

However my main issue at the moment (apart from the pain) is the constant battle with fatigue. Despite any pain i am in i refuse to be bed ridden or work part time, i need money to finance my future therefore i work full time in an office 9 hours a day, i am up at 6 in the morning and i don't get home until at least 6:30 at night (traffic in centre birmingham is a nightmare). These are very long days for me and i struggle constantly, baring mind i am only 20 for a normal person my age these days wouldn't be a problem but for me its a painfully and drowsy nightmare. I find in the morning getting up is a struggle maybe thats because im nor much old than the 'teenage years' but ive always been a morning person up until about a year ago i used to be able to spring out of bed, i cant anymore. Then driving to work im tired which i know is dangerous and its not uncommon for me to have to drive with the windows open to keep me awake or even pull over to wake up. Then work, i am okay for a few hours around 11-12 i struggle i have actually fallen asleep at work thankfully its just me an my boss in the office and she just laughs it off and gives me a 5 min break. No matter what i drink or eat i cannot stay awake and its making me worry about my future in my job. I am currently looking for a job more physical where its business and admin based (this is what i'm qualified in) but i love the job i have now so it would be a shame to leave.

Does anyone taken vitamins or anything to help them battle their fatigue, any recommendations would be so helpful!

Thank you x

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  • Hi KatieERoberts

    Sounds like you might have Sleep Apnoea, as you symptoms fit well with mine, when I was office working. Take. Early retirement rather than do more damage to back.

    I would get to see your GP urgently, for a referral to the hospital monitoring team. They will fit you up with a monitor to wear overnight and return the next morning (wear a t'shirt as they tape the monitor to you).

    They found I stop breathing 16times an hour sometimes, then do "heroic gasp" to start again. Don't worry, this is a natural problem, caused when the throat muscles relax as you sleep, letting the wind pipe collapse and blocking breathing. This disturbs your sleep pattern hence being so tired.

    Usual teatment is a CPAP machine that blows constant low pressure air into your wind pipe and keeps it open, so you don't stop breathing, and get continuous good sleep.

    The 10/11am struggle is also usual, best thing I found was to go somewhere and get some fresh air for five minutes. The trouble with air inside buildings, is that it becomes 'tired'. It still has enough oxygen for us to live, but is full of stale carbon dioxide. Blame air conditioning, as we no longer open windows which refreshes the air.

    Hope some of this helps, always here to help, chatting can get bells to ring, think through how you sleep.

    Love Hayesider xxx

  • That makes alot of sense. My boyfriend has mentioned before i stop breathing then gasp as its woken him up before and my mom has also mentioned it too if ive collapsed on the sofa due to fatugie shes heard me gasp and woken me up worrying. I thought fatigue was a common symptom of fibro due to the pain (which i think doesn't help) as going to sleep takes me a while if im in pain and during the night i do wake up in pain and that's even if i get to sleep. But when ive had my painkillers and don't wake up in pain i am still exhausted the next day.

    When i hear from my consultant i will ask her and see if this can be done as i need to sort it urgently.

    Thank you for your help its been great. xx

  • Hi Katie

    You are doing a lot for someone with fibro.

    I take vit d, as I was low on it and it's been said fibro sufferers lack it, with magnesium.

    Have you tried the dietary supplement D-ribose. People and Drs have said this can help with fatigue. You can get it on amazon in powder form or tabs. Few people on this site says it helps.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  • My doctor wanted to sign me off sick for a few weeks due to exhaustion or cut my hours down but i need to work to get paid and support myself and my future.

    I am extremely low in vitamin d and have been for years and i take tablets but they have caused kidney stones for me twice in the past so i only take a few a week to be on the safe side.

    I will have a look, thank you xx

  • Take care of yourself.

    Good luck 👍😊

  • Hi KatieERoberts

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend, and if there is any chance that you may have sleep apnea it would be best to talk to your doctor about a referral for testing? I have sleep apnea and a C-PAP machine. I was sent to ''clinical measurements'' at my local hospital for testing and then given a machine. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I will wait until I get my results and I'm going to try and take some vitamins and energy tablets before I go to the doctors to make sure I'm not just generally tired. I don't want to risk getting more problems if I'm diagnosed with that straight away xxx

  • Good luck my friend x :)

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