Can Anyone Help with this?

Can Anyone Help with this?

I have a cold. Apart from the stuffed nose, I wonder if fibro and virus symptoms might work together for a miserable day. I have a headache and aching limbs - both fibro and both cold symptoms. I cant take normal cold remedies as some of the ingredients fight each other - not in my body they don't. I'm not angling for sympathy I just wonder about the interaction.

Photo is of Smidgeon, one of my favourite cows from last year. Bottle fed as a baby. :)

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  • Oh big hugs {{{{Mr Badger}}}}. This is clearly something the evil cats have infiltrated into your system and we will have exact our revenge, a) when we find you and b) when you're strong enough to help us do so.

    Seriously though, I think there are a fair few fluy/coldy bugs about at the moment, several of my friends have had them and I've stayed well clear, don't need that on top of everything else.

    I love your picture of Smidgeon, and how lovely she was being bottle fed, could I ask what breed she is as she's clearly not a Friesian ?

    Sending lots of anti buggy vibes your way and hoping you feel better very very soon :-)

    Foggy x

  • I just wondered if there was any info on whether or how colds aggravate fibro or vice versa. It's kind of normal to get hit hard if you're already down - as we touched on in Sian's post about anxiety.

    HE (sorry) is a British Park White. A rare breed sometimes seen on Adam's Farm if you watch Countryfile. Lovely little chap. He was a bit timid strangely - hand rearing doesn't usually do that. I suspect in the wild he would not have survived.

    Thanks for the vibes - no hugs today though, you don't want any bugs back :(

  • I love rare breeds :-) Although they're not that rare I have a friend a Forde Abbey (if you know it Mr Badger) who breeds Red Devon's and they are just so lovely, I've helped some years back with bottle feeding colostrum into newborns there and it is so so special to be part of that first point in their lives :-)

    Foggy x

  • Oh, how sweet. It was on my to do list but never got there, and it's unlikely now. We haven't had them but they would be a good breed for us. Isn't it just. I was lucky enough to be around just after some of ours dropped calves. Dexters and Park Whites. Sadly one drowned in a channel and another was weak and eaten by foxes - that's one of the prices paid for working in a wildlife environment but the rewards are well worth it. Thanks for sharing that. I think Devon Red Polls have only just come off the at risk register. :)

  • Oh paul I am sorry that you are unwell, but i`m afraid I can`t provide any answers. I seem to be almost immune to bugs. It`s been about 6yrs since I had a cold. But sending you cold busting hugs sue xxx

  • Thank you Sue, that's sweet, and in your case I'd be grateful too. I don't normally do too badly for colds and i have the flu jab,but together I think they've knocked me out a bit. If I sit still I'm ok but if I move much I cough and then the aches start again. Answer - catch up on dvds. And after such a good weekend too. :)

  • swings and roundabouts springs to mind. :)

  • You're sooo right :)

  • Have you tried taking echanacia fenbadger...gentle hugs..wish you better soon,....Dee xx

  • Hadn't thought of that one. Thanks Dee. I'm on honey and lemon right now and dosed up with vit C but it's usually too late by the time the cold's established. Pardon the pun but I'm a tough cookie. :)

  • The echanacia if taken now can lessen the days of wish you better hugs ...Dee xx

  • Aw thanks. It will have to wait til tomorrow now but I'll gladly try it. G'nite all. xx

  • Good nite have a better night, xxx

  • Hi Sue, how are you doing today ? :-)

  • Tired and aching now. daughter, her hubby and two terrors have been and gone. sons prezzie finally sorted. daughter has ordered it from Amazon. Don`t really know how I am feeling. It`s not every day that your son turns 40 It s a sobering thought. Oh well knowing me this mood won`t last very long. :O :)

  • Bless :)

  • Hi foggy how are you today, it's getting colder again isn't it...gentle hugs...Dee xxxx

  • Still struggling Dee, I'm afraid ......but more importantly how are you doing ?

    Foggy x

  • Oh I'm not too bad thanx foggy, been to see the oral surgeon re the lump in my mouth and he says it's either a polyp or a cyst, either way he says it should come out, I've also been told I have cataracts in both eyes so have to have them done, still things could be worse i guess.....Dee xx

  • Hi Dee, I'm sorry to hear that, I had a lump on my tongue removed about 7 years ago and luckily it was benign, so you have my complete understanding and sympathy.

    I am sending shipping loads of positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi there how are you today, hope you've had a reasonable day, it's been a pretty cold day hasn't it.....gentle hugs...Dee xxx

  • Hi there mayrose how are you hope you've had a reasonable day, it's been pretty cold here,......gentle hugs....Dee xxx

  • sending hugs right back to you sue xxx

  • Hello my friend

    I am so sorry to read that you are struggling in this way and I sincerely hope you start to recover soon. I have pasted below a link to a site called mediorg where you can listed any drugs that you are taking and they tell you of any interactions.

    Take care my friend


  • Thanks Ken. Awake in Daylight again. What are you going to do when the clocks change? That site is interesting, and I can check anything on it. NHS choices can give you the patient notes for drugs but you have to wade through all of it to get the info.

    Are you any better? Best wishes Paul

  • Hello my friend

    I am so happy that you find it interesting. I have been storing my medication information on it for a few years as I have so many drugs and I am always worried about interactions.

    I went out in the sun and Peter Cushing was there again trying to burn me etc. I had to make a run for it to my hearse and dive in really quickly. I will have real problems when the clocks change to BST.

    Take care


  • Aaaargh. Here, catch this packet of bourbons. Spread the filling over yourself and eat the rest. It won't do any good but it will be a laugh.

    Yeah, I don't think I could have come across that any other way. It yields some interesting results. I'm not on much but there are 14 different interactions. What puzzles me is some of the mixes I'm taking are fairly common, yet still prescribed. I wonder if there's no alternative.


  • Thank you for the bourbons, I will eat them immediately. I am constantly getting interaction alerts because of my steroids and then I have to go back to my GP who asks the hospital what I can have? it is a little crazy!

  • Hi ken how are you today hope your feeling better and your wife is having a reasonable day...gentle hugs my friend ..Dee xx

  • Hi Cooke72

    How are you feeling today my friend?

    My wife has been resting all day as she still not back to her usual self yet! She looks really tired and has no energy. I took her to another MS group class yesterday and it left her feeling very depressed.

    I am having some problems with my walking still, I am going to see my doctor again this week as I have pain on the left side of my back and leg (just like sciatica) I really hope it is Fibro related? And not another disc problem?

    Take care my friend

    Ken x

  • Oh, poor you. That sounds horrible.

  • I am ready to scream with it! Its only a couple of weeks since my operation on the right disc! I never fell over or anything this time, it simply started hurting. So I hope it is a Fibro thing?

  • I suppose if it's fibro it will limit the number of conditions you have to endure. Hate to say I have little faith in your doc. A GP is a jack of all trades but should be on the ball with basics :(

  • Yes that's very true, she is a lovely women but I do wonder about the meds sometimes!

  • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ken and lovely wife}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Healing Fluffie Hugs for you Ken

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

    Crikey everyone needs giant fluffie hugs today good job WW gave them a holiday :P

  • I'm sending out scented gentle hugs today to help out the fluffies. This man flu is awful. :P

  • Awwwwwwwwww they thank you enormously :)

  • No too bad thanks ken,

    Sorry to hear your wife still isn't quite right, these falls take a long time to get over...wish her well soon...

    Sorry to hear you are in some more pain. Like you I do hope it's not another disc problem, if it is will they want to operate, I had a back operation 2006 and lumber decompression , vowed I would never have another I definitely needed the lumber decompression, as it was trapping the nerve at the base of the spine, but with the fusion I felt worse after the op than i did before and I still have the same pains, but you never know till you've had it done do you, who knows it could have turned out great, I guess they did their best. And lets face it a prime condition of fibro is sever back pain isnt it, ...I will keep my fingers crossed for you my friend that the doctor says it's fibro, so you don't have to go thru another op....gentle hugs to you...Dee xxx

  • oh mr badger, im sorry to hear you're not well, sorry i can't give you any advice other than what you already have, i hope you're better soon x that's a lovely picture by the way, when i was younger i always used to say that i wanted a big farmhouse with a few animals & chickens,& a few kids running about, i got the children the rest was a daydream :) x oh ken, you don't have it easy do you, i hope your back gets better soon & that your wife feels better xx

  • Aw thanks Nancy. It's just a matter of keeping warm, plenty of fluids and paracetamol which I take anyway. The aches that go with it are just a bit worse than usual.

    It's great looking after someone else's animals. Like grandchildren you can give them back. Had chicken as a kid and dad did a lot of work for a local farmer so I was around animals a lot. Didn't work out as an adult though.1 dog and a couple of guinea pigs became the limit. :)

  • {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{FENBADGER}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Fluffie rolled to help squeeze out the bugs LOL

    Hope you feel better soon :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hehehehehe.

    That's lovely Sian. A good dose of niceness. Just seen a lady on tv talking about being happy. Endorphins serotonin and a new one on me oxytocin. Must look it up. She was talking about how you can positively decide to be happy and a bit about tips how to do it. Having friends like you is a good step in the right direction I think :D

    Bit worse today actually but that means it's progressing well. Must be man flu. I'll try not to dribble over your floor.

    How's you today? :) :)

  • heheheheheh :)

    I'm okayish :o

    Mobility is really bad and I don't feel safe on the stairs today and using the sticks in the house, OH is doing his best too help bless him :) It feels like everything is going to disconnect every time I stand up :P :P :P

    Forgot to give you my recipe for witches brew:

    Pan of water

    2 oranges cut into eight

    3 lemons cut into eight

    pinch of whole cloves

    fresh ginger

    sugar or equivalent ( I sometimes use bottled ginger ale )

    boil and simmer to let everything infuse and add honey to taste :D

    works a treat :) soothing when hot

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Ooh thanks. This man flu is horrid :P :P

  • Hello Mr Badger, I can hear your extra loud snuffling from here! You must wipe your snout with a leaf.

    Sorry you aren't well, I find soup helps in these situations. I always make my own except for when super poorly, when only Heinz tomato will could mend a broken leg that stuff. So, lobbing a can in your direction......DUCK!!! :p

    Xxx ;) Xxx

  • Quack :P :P

  • Was it an armoured DUCK!!! :P

  • Tin plated. Now that's a term you don't see very often :P

  • Can you get canned duck that isn't cat food?

    There's a thought! :o

    ................................ it's a good job our naval ducks are armoured or they'd be purrrrrrrrrfect for puddies :P

  • How do they do pressed duck? :P

    Doped with catnip, eh. now that's an idea. :)

  • Less chance of Ken eating it too :D :D :D

  • Quack Quack who called this is the Quacky Quack Quack calling.

    See you are still off - my mum always said three to come three to stay and three to go . So how far have you got - you must be on the way out of it now :) Well I shall gibber off :) xxins

  • Thanks gins. I'm on the sneezey runny nose stage so if not tomorrow, I'll be back in action Monday for sure :P

    Quack quack back

  • Brilliant quackers I shall challenge you to ? ??? wait and see I hope you accept the challenge

  • :P

  • Is there a quack doctor in the house? :P :P

  • They do say that chicken noodle soup is good. Quickest way to makeit is with a cppa soup and apiese broken off a pack of ihstant noodles sue

  • If I collect these remedies maybe I can sell them without anyone finding out


  • Hiya I tell you how I get rid of colds ok hot bath 4 drops olbas oil in the water soak in water for 30 mins to HR. Then get yourself an oil burner the one with tea light candle put some water on top with 4 drops olbas oil let the vapour fill the room breath in vapour do this often and it will clear your sinus and your chest.

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