Hi to you all it was pointed out nicely to me yesterday that i had written my last 2 blogs in capitals oi realised that afyter they had been posted i read them and thought they looked different durrr brain fog then realised what i had done i had left the caps lock on i dont normally write in capitals only for the heading or if i am emphasising a word i was also told that this was seen as shouting on here so again i apologise as i would never do that to anyone leasr of all on here so if i offended anyone by accidently and genuinly writing in capitals due to fibro fog i am truely sorry and will make sure that my caps lock is not on locked lol love to you all diddle x

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  • Lol thanks i worry about things like that i would never want to hurt or offfend anyone and i went offline as soon as i had written them posts so did not know till this morning or i would have apologised last night and yeah i will have a nice day or will try lol love to you and thanks alot there you were again popping up when i need ya you are like my fairy godmother bless ya have you got a wand ?? love to you diddle x

  • I do that regularly - it's so annoying when I've posted something then realise it's in caps. Does anyone know how you can just change the text to lower case, or do you have to retype it all out in lower case?

  • lol no idea but i am sure if you have written it all and sent it no onwe will mind that much as a one off , its just people dont want all the blogs in caps all the time love to you and hope tyou find an answer to your question i am not very good with c but sure someone on here will know xx

  • Hey Diddle, as Christine said it is clear that you are a caring and supportive person and we know that you would never intentionally offend anyone. We all do things sometimes that others don't like or it effects them in some way, so don't worry about it and don't apoligise ( can't spell that word).

    You have a good day xx

  • I sometimes have to type in capitals otherwise I cant see what Ive written

  • s**t happens - dont worry I certainly dont. xxx

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