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I would like to apologise for 2 things

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I don't comment very often on posts but this is cos I usually log on using my iPhone. I can only type do much with one finger and I end up with lots of typos. I hope you don't all think that I am illiterate but my phone has a mind of its own and grammar is quite difficult to achieve sometimes. Anyway I hope (or hoof as my phone just typed) that my posts make sense! Fibro fog and predictive texts do not a good combination make!

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Please don't worry at all Storm, we all tend to have the same problems! I have just got a new mobile phone and I can't make any sense of it at all lol! I haven't fathomed out how to text properly, I can't access my calls because for some reason I keep hanging up! Don't worry about typos either, we all make them!

Your posts always make sense, so no more worrying, it's all fine!

Here's a hug for you, now you take care and enjoy your time here with us all! :) We are all here for you! (((hug))) xx


Oh Liberty thanks for the reassurance. I was just looking through some of my posts and thought - eek! Whenever I try to type 'so' my phone writes 'do' probably it's my butter fingers hitting the wrong keys lol!

Hope you manage to figure out your phone - isn't technology wonderful lol.

Glad my posts make sense. I try to preview them but then it goes skewif so I stopped. My post about ATOS was typed on my laptop and I was able to take more care with it. I'd never managed to log on to it successfully before. Trouble is if I go on there I will still be on, playing Mahjong or some other game till ridiculous am!


Technology drives me constantly nuts Storm, my hubby is always telling me I should have been born in the Dark Ages I am so untechy lol! Even using a laptop is a miracle for me lol!

I missed three calls on my new phone today and then my mum told me she could hear me having a conversation and I wasn't even holding my phone, nor did I know it had dialled her lol!

I do ridiculous a.m. too all the time! I feel more awake at night, I was an insomniac before Fibro so I guess that explains my nocturnal habits of playing online Solitaire at 3am! lol!


I feel sure none of us think anyone is illiterate when they write end of the day we are all good translators lol. At the moment I am attempting to put new inks in my printer done it previously now brain has erazed how I done it. Yet I know in as couple of days or more I will return to printer and do it automatically. Frustrating for all of us I would like to catch that little scamp that gets in our brains so I could give it a telling off.

Take care circuitrunner xox


I use a regular PC most of the time, and I have to read and re-read my posts several times before posting them, so really - no one's going to judge you! Phones and tablet PCs are great, but try writing a legible paragraph on one, even without fibro-fog and fingers with a mind of their own, and you're going to struggle!



hi i use a laptop and sometimes i think i have written something but a totally different word pops up , surely it can't be me can it ? ummm yes it is lol, seriously we all know what people mean and understand if things get a bit jumbled xx


I just sent someone post that read

" ending positive thoughts!"

what a time to miss an important "s".



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