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Hi I new here have had fibromyalgia for ten years. Was able to work up until January of this year. My pain and stiffness has got really bad. The worst areas are my neck shoulders arms hands and legs every really I suppose lol. My sleeping pattern is dreadful. I get up more tired than when I went to bed. My fibro fog has got aweful. I'm very overweight I wonder does that make it worse ??. ,

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I am the same. I have a bug stomach. put 3 stone on all of a sudden before even being diagnosed. I haven't worked for 3 and a half years due to mental health problems, got diagnosed with fibri last year. I think I have had it since after I had chicken pox and glandular fever, also had an inner ear infection at 23. it's all very debilitating. xx

It is dibilatating I'm struggling every day. I also have bad anxiety and af of the heart. Anxiety causes the af. I take pain killers but don't no what else to do

Hello Jennifer and welcome!

In answer to your question, personally I have been attending Healthy eating group run by my local NHS for almost a year and have now lost 3 stone (my BMI is now 25, which means I am now just in the healthy weight category) however it has not done anything to improve my fibromyalgia symptoms, I still get tired really easily, can only manage short walks with the dog, my fibrofog is still awful (I forgot something really important at work yesterday!!) But I suppose it must be more healthy for my heart, lungs, etc. now I am not overweight. It has been really difficult to lose the weight, because I can only exercise gently, and I have had to be very strict with what I eat (mainly fruit and vegetables).

Also, do you take any medication for your fibromyalgia? I believe that some of the fibromyalgia medications can cause weight gain. I don't take any medication, I just manage by pacing myself. If you have not already looked at you will find lots of useful information.

Take care xxx

What pain meds do you take naproxen caused me to gain 3 stone even tho i eat healthy so i have stopped taking the medication and have lost a stone already and I've not noticed much difference in my pain until a recent flare had no choice but to take the medication again now I'm so worried that i will put the weight back on x

I take cocodamol for the pain. I had an aweful flare up there for a month it was dreadful.

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