Gabapentin - side effects?

I was put on Gabapentin a few days ago and recently I've been feeling incredibly disorientated, the closest thing I can think of to describe it is I felt as if I was drunk - very drunk,

I've been slurring words, unable to talk properly (finding words and such), feeling very warm and all my veins are dialated (I have a weird obsession with my veins and know far too much about them) I'm dizzy and my head just feels as if it's spinning, I'm very weak and unable to really do anything but I can't really feel pain - like being drunk I feel as if I could run a marathon and not feel a thing at the end.

I'm not 100% sure if these are side effects of the gabapentin or something else that's going on with my body so I was jsut wondering if anybody else has experienced this whilst on this drug?

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  • Hi im on this every nite and have been for over a year now.

    I talk to my fella abt a woman i dont no.

    Every night i do this but dont remember.

    I have exactly same symptoms.

    Ive asked my g.p and he says its not that.x

  • Right okay then, thankyou, I'll try going back to my gp then and see what he says.

    Thanks, Beth :) xx

  • Here are some of the listed possible side effects from taking Gabapentin. Everyone tends to be different so some people react better than others to any given medication, some without any side effects at all. Please click on the link below, scroll down to see side effects etc -

  • Brilliant, thankyou, I've taken a look and by the looks of it it accounts for everything I've been going trough since I started taking them, Thanks, Beth x

  • A few years ago, the pain clinic had me trying out a number of different drugs and I know this was one of the ones I tried and I also remember those symptoms (vividly!) even though its hard now to remember which side effects went with which drug apart from the fact I remember the one made me suicidal and is now red flagged on my medical notes - definitely don't want to take THAT again *shudders*!

    All together that summer I tried 4 different meds without success and my GP eventually came to the conclusion I came to years ago, that I cope better without the pills as I went through a similar process some years ago with a different set of pills and a different GP with the same result, though it that case it was ibuprofen that was eventually red flagged.

    Over the years I've tried so many different things - I even get migraines from using a TENS machine!

    I hope you have more luck in finding something that helps, there are plenty of different things out there to try and if the side effects from one are too much, go back to see your GP, you shouldn't have to suffer more from the pills than the fibro! Just make sure you leave a gap between one drug and the next to make sure the last one is properly flushed out of your system and keep a diary of what did what, or like me, you'll end up forgetting which side effect went with what! Good Luck! xx

  • I've already written everything down because initially, I wasn't actually sure if it WAS the pills but having looked at the link that LibertyZ posted it's pretty much confirmed that it is the pills as far as I can tell, I'll date the side effects and write which pills they are so thankyou! :P

    Beth xx

  • I've been doing some research today, pregabalin (spelling?) was the one that made me suicidal so gabapentin was definitely the one that made me drunk - within hours everything was spinning, couldn't see straight, talk properly etc. After I'd been on them a week I was supposed to double the dose but by that time could barely stand up so my GP told me to stop taking them, let them flush from my system and try the pregabalin!

  • Yeah that's what I'm like, I've been told to increase from one pill a day to two to three to four to five and etc. until I've reached a point where I'm no longer in pain, I'm on four a day and decided to stay on four a day until I stabalise (if I do at all) but I'm beginning to think that stopping them altogether if I'm going to feel like this...granted I'm no longer in pain and haven't been since I started taking them but I've got to basically decide whether to be in pain all the time or feel drunk all the time - the lesser of two evils as it were.

  • I think I would have a chat with your GP if I were you, he/she may be able to make some suggestions. I can't imagine the effects of four tablets a day, I never got past 1!

    Not being on any meds means that I have to live with the pain - sigh - there's never an easy answer is there?

  • I will, I'll make an appointment tomorrow, he told me I can take up to 12 a day! My god I genuinely think I'd be comotosed with that amount a day!

    I genuinely don't think I could live with the pain, but I'm really not sure I can cope with this for much longer, the moodswings are insane, I mean I thought I had moodswings before but this is like having bipolar again - I go from being happy, smiley and jokey to so angry I'm on the verge of punching someone. Like, I'm getting annoyed over absolutely nothing like being asked to put a towel away! Which (once I've realised what I'm doing) in turn, annoys me even more -.-'

    I genuinely don't think there will ever be an easy answer with this, but we can hope!

  • Hi Beth, I take 9 x 100mg gabepentin daily, along with 60mg Duloxetine, plus compatible over the counter analgesia and 100mg Tramadol at nights, and 100mg Diclofenic suppositories and i don't get any side effects.

    Gabepentin has to be increased slowly until you reach a beneficial dosage that is right for you. Remember that anyone can have an adverse reaction to any drug, read the information label contained in the packaging and if you are at any time worried or scared of a physical reaction to any drug Stop taking them and ring your GP or local A&E, and don't wait!

    After reading about your anger reaction i definitely think you should be in contact with your GP.

    Good luck!

  • Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you - thank you! I went back to my GP and she's lowered my dosage initially and upped me very slowly up until I was at a point where it was working. Unfortunately I've deteriorated a LOT since this blog and nothing is having an effect anymore but I'm seeing my specialist again tomorrow so, fingers crossed! :)

  • preagablin is red flagged for me to it really messed me up i also lost a stone and my kidneys were shot!! im now on gabapentin and so far feeling ok although im on high alert if i feel any unwanted effects!!

  • God, I hope you're okay again now?

    And I hope you're still okay on the gabapentin :)

  • hi im a newby im on 1600mg a day for my epilepsy then they trying me with gabapentin for depression and pain ..oh my i wish i never started it im on 200mg thee times a day at mo going up to 400 three times a day ..i just feel like a zombie most of day my head feels fuzzy and blurry eyes and my balance is not good .my husband works so im on my own alot and im so frightend of the side effects im having i dont want to be on them but my doc wont use anti ds as can make my fits worse ..just had a fit and broke my ribs so not feeling brill at mo xxxxx

  • God having all of that must be absolute hell! I thought it was bad enough with the depression and just the fibro, I really don't know how you manage it - serious amounts of admiration for your strength there.

    But I feel your pain with the gabapentin - I'm only on it for the pain with the fibro and partially as an addition to the anti-depressants I'm already on. I'm dreading starting college again on Tuesday with myself feeling like this, I got told to up it to 12 a day if I felt I needed it, I've stopped at 4 a day so I'm at 4000mg less then you a day but I really know where you're coming from with the feeling like a zombie and just not really feeling like you're all there. The best way I could think of explaining it was it was like I was living my life but I was a spectator looking over my body living it - if you know what I mean? It's really strange and everybody seems to have been effected bu it in a similar way so I really wonder how many people are properly benefiting from it..still, I suppose that's not my concern.

    I really hope you find something other then the gabapentin that helps with your fits and depression together as opposed to setting one of them off and again, I just don't know how you survive, you must be such a strong person.

    Always here to chat if you need someone to moan to about the pain :) xxxxx

  • well had no sleep for a week now my ribs are hurting that much think i will have to see if i can see gp again xxxx

  • If I were you I would darlin', all the best <3 xxxxx

  • hugs hope u get some sleep im a newbie to this site andd its first time i see u ppl suffer like me as i always think ppl dont believe us, hope we boyh slepp soon xxx

  • well went to docs yesterday how fun that was had a fit in surgery so all hell let loose hubby said he didnt think we had that many there at our surgery .which has not helped my broken ribs at all oh my do they hurt ..shes taken me off the gabapentin so have to wean off them as they not agreeing with me .gave me mega pain releif this is first ive been awake today just hope i dont feel yuk coming off the gabapentin xxxxx

  • I hope what you're startiung after the gabapentin works as well hun - I'm at the doctors next week and am going to be asking to be taken off them - having started college again this week I've realised that I really can't manage on them with a full day of lectures etc.

    I really hope your ribs are better soon as well.

    Extra gently hugs, Beth xxxxx

  • hi beth hope going to college is going great for u finding really hard today stopping the gabapentin is making me feel yuk at mo ..feel like my heads not with me .when walking feel like im drunk i dont no iff this is normal but im frightend if i fall i will hurt ribs again .im going to take my pain meds and see if i can sleep threw this weird feeling back with my gp on friday so hope we will get it sorted ..hope your well love julie xx

  • College is a welcome break, I'd forgotten how much of a relief the absolute insanity actually was! It's REALLY helped with my depression :) that and it was my 18th birthday yesterday which raised any spirits I had left impeccably :)

    I was told to stay on them and decided to stop them myelf but I'm in absolute agony :/ really not sure whether to start them again now or not...I really hope your doctor sorts something out for you! I really do....I can't bare to think of another in pain - especially when I have a vague idea of what it actually feels like. I really find some relief soon<3 xx

  • once your body gets used to the gabapentin you will stop having the feelings you are getting i was the same on pregabalin and changed to gabapentin my son takes around 1400mg a day to control his pain. if something works to keep the pain under control it is worth taking them perhaps lower the dose and when your bod adjusts increase i very gradually.

  • You're right, fortunately the symptoms other then the fatigue have almost faded off after a lowerage of the dose and a good chat with my doctor so, all is well now :)

  • i changed the same did u change because gaba more better or like me did u get really nast side effects from the pregabs???

  • Hi

    I have been on it for a year now without any probs, but we are all different I tried Lyrica and had what you have had with this one not a good feeling, we have to try different ones to get what is right for us, good luck and take care :)

  • Hi berthy I am on gabardine I have been gradually upping the dose from 1x300 /3times a day

    To 3x300 /3times a day and I think it is helping with my pain but not first thing in the morning

    It still hurts to turn over in bed and get and things with stiffness ,yes I on this high dose I am feeling a bit dizzy but I also take cocodamol diazepam and mirtazapine hope this helps

  • Hi Berthy,

    I took Lyrica (Pregabalin) for only three days as the side effects were so bad: hangover, migraine & sunstroke. I felt extremely sick for several weeks after I stopped taking it, & became even more depressed. Istill feel nauseous at the thought!I've met other people who take it successfully, but not every drug is suited to every person.

    Tell your GP about your symptoms, & think about whether you prefer what you're experiencing on the Gapapentin, to the pain levels you experienced before taking it.


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