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How much would I need to earn 16h week to be better off

I'm feeling trap not juts by my health but by being on benefits. I keep dreaming in the possibility of being able to work for at least 16 hours a week so that I could get some income support but I have no idea how all this works.

I know there's a way to keep your full benefits and keep your earnings on top -this includes housing and council tax- but I am not sure if it is only £20 week or up to £95? I think it is.

I am not sure if there would be a way out even if I could ever manage to do that - which I really wished!!!!.

Does anyone know how much would I need to earn to be better off doing some part time job? I only get low care dla and esa (support group).

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Under the Permitted Work rules you can:

work for less than 16 hours a week on average, with earnings up to £99.50 a week for 52 weeks

work for less than 16 hours a week, on average, with earnings up to £99.50 a week if you are in the Support Group of the main phase of Employment and Support Allowance

work and earn up to £20 a week, at any time, for as long as you are receiving Employment and Support Allowance

do Supported Permitted Work and earn up to £99.50 a week for as long as you are receiving Employment and Support Allowance, provided you continue to satisfy the Supported Permitted Work criteria

Supported Permitted Work means work that is supervised by someone who is employed by a public or local authority or a voluntary organisation, and whose job it is to arrange work for people with disabilities. This could be work done in the community or in a sheltered workshop. It also includes work as part of a hospital treatment programme.

Income Tax

If you start Permitted Work, you may be liable to pay tax on your extra income. You must notify HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as soon as you start work.

Income Tax

Effect on other benefits

If you get Housing Benefit or Rates Relief and you do Permitted Work, any earnings over £20 may be taken into account when assessing these benefits.

Your Employment Service Adviser can give you more information about Permitted Work.


If u live on your own and get ESA support group or wrag, u can get extra money if you apply,for severe disability premium, it's called something like that but is all extra money,

I have repeatedly tried but cannot get in the support group,

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hi silki I live with my daughter and only get esa and is a real struggle, I go to jobcentre next week so hope I am entitled to something else, am also waiting to find out if and what group I will be put into, think it will be the work related, hope I can get a job because cannot live on esa alone. xx


Hi good luck at the job centre! I hope u get some help and good advice about what you are entitled to xx


Remember that it is "Permitted Work" that does not mean any job will do and if you are not on permitted work you may lose your benefit.


Wots permitted work?


Is the above after tax and insurance or b4


Insurance or b4? What is that?


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