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Yey, something to help prove Fibromyalgia exists! Thanks to being pointed in the right direction by Debbie15, a link you can print!

I did a big search and think this is the easiest to understand and share. When you find the page you can see it allows you to print it, email, facebook, tweet etc. Really worth flooding the information to as many as you can - if it goes viral maybe we can get the UK to take enough notice for us to get what we need! Yey, thanks Debbie15.

Soft hugs

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thanks for that hun xxxxx


Hi again sarah-jane.

I have put this into favourites and will get a friend to print it out for me.

Yes it doe`s seem to be a breakthrough B and a BIG B where is the cure??

Hugs again Butterfly xxx:-)


should be but where is the cure :-)p


Thank you very interesting at least some one believes that it

is real pain


Thanks Lynn-FA, I have looked on there but you may understand that trawling through it all is not always something I can do. I feel a lot of words on a page, unless in a book I want to read, turn me off. Silly as I know it is. However that also puts me in difficult positions sometimes too. You know, when it would have helped if I had checked it out, whatever that was at the time. I will go and see. Thanks.


Thank you. Have posted it on FB. X


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