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Life insurance for fibro sufferers.

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Had a call from a life insurance place today trying to sell me and my husband life insurance. My husband goes through tge quote and answers all questions and get told he can have all this cover for virtually everything and even our kids would be covered on it...I then go on the phone and answer all the questions tell them about fibro to be told oh sorry we can only give you life cover which will be 50% less pay out than your husband and we can not put any children on your policy.... so if life cover wont cover me for the main things because (in their words)it is a disability that I will always have why are we (in general) struggling to get esa/dla/pip...if companies are realising its a disability why are we having to go through these appeals which is stress which as we know doesnt help with fibro....

6 Replies
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Am I surprised ? I'm afraid I'm not.........insurers love having get out clauses.

Thanks for the eyes up though :-)

Foggy x

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No surprise I found it out a ittle while ago I needed holiday insurance the only way was pricey. Individuals policy why well because of the fibromyalgia. .


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Ooh, I wonder if I'm supposed to tell my life insurance company I have fibro? It's just a neverending barrage of (rhymes with nap) that we continue to get thrown at us! Arghhhh..!

Pip xx

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Hi debs my partner and I got critical illness insurance four years ago, what a waste of time. Like you my partner got insurance no bother even though he is a smoker. I on the other hand had to spend about 15 mins on the phone answering questions that the poor bloke knew nothing about. I was then asked if the could consult my med records. Finally after two months of piddling about they offered me the insurance but wasn't able to claim for anything that was caused by FMS muscles etc. and because I have OA I couldn't claim for anything to do with my joints. May I had treatment for abnormal cells in the womens area due next week for second look. Looked at policy just out of curiosity and will only pay out in the 'C' area if it is terminal. So basically you need to be dead. What a waste of time and money cost a bloody fortune for nothing. We have since cancelled and just got ordinary life insurance. Don't you feel like an outcast.

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Hi Debs.

I applied for life cover to look after my kids, just in case. It took ages before it was approved, at a higher premium. They also questioned fibro, depression (there's a clause that it wouldn't pay out if I committed suicide within the first year) and came close to refusing because I had applied for ill health retirement. The girl who was managing my insurance application had to argue with the "medical" side of the insurance on my behalf before it was finally accepted.

Travel insurance was the same, I had to speak with the "doctors" before fibro was accepted.

They will give as little as possible for as much as possible from the customer.

I wish you luck with them.


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I found travel insurance very straight forward additional £9 premium on annual policy, (more than) but I used to have private health ins (through hubby's work) which became useless as soon as I was diagnosed with Hypermobility and fibro, so annoying as I had previously received physio and acupuncture both of which helped! Reason - They do not cover chronic conditions.

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