grumpy everyone stay away

i woke up and having a right grumpy day ,pain no worse than usual

but my hubby is fast asleep in bed :(

grrrrrrr saturday morning is the only time i get to have an hour kiddie free

but because he went out last night on the town i had to get up

i know its only once in a while but that dosnt stop me feelin grumpy lol

anyway rant over ,i shall get back to sorting the darlings out :)

have a nice weekend everyone xxxxx

4 Replies

  • Many hugs sweetie xxxx men eh??? ;-)

  • Just a suggestion...but when he surfaces from his slumbers, maybe, just maybe, you can have some free time then!

    Hope your day gets better! x

  • thank you everyone :) and yes the sun has got his hat on and hes coming out to play !

    :-D xxxxxxxxx

  • Aww lynz,

    Hope your day gets better. :)

    I feel exact same, i have sunday as my lie in and if i dont get it there is no looking at me. lol.

    Plus i always miss out on that hour when the clocks go forward lol.

    kel xxx

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