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alopecia through both pregnancies now its back!! fibro or stress of fibro?

i suffered with alopecia (hair loss) during both very difficult pregnancies but never suffered before or after, until now!!

had my hair cut to chin length to see if that stopped it but didnt, was making me more miserable. so i found a solution!!

yesterday i paid for hair extensions, i know its not going to stop the alopecia, but at least i have long locks lol!!

its a very drastic change, and it didnt quite make me feel as good as i thought i would?? so today i got my nose pierced, am i having midlife crisis? maybe! im 38 in a few weeks. still dont feel good, now what? ho hum maybe no cure to feeling so low.

is the alopecia due to fibro? or stress from fibro? im also very aneamic and got low vitD fed up!!!

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Hi i dont know if there is a connection there but i do know alopecia is caused by stress as a very dear friends daughter has it and it flares up when she is stressed and so i suppose if you are stressed with fibro then it goes hand in hand . i have got my nose pierced i had it done bout 20 years ago my 1st ex husband said i could nothave it done as it was tarty lol so the 1st thing i done when we split was my nose piercing lol it felt dam good too !!!! so you go for it if you want a midlife crisis you have one. and the other thing is my eldest has got short hair but at times likes it long and whilst i was there today she was on e bay funnily enough looking at hair pieces but they were like on a head band not clip in they were avbout £20 so may be worth a look into something like that or if not there are some lovely bandansa and hats x love to you diddle x


thanks diddle, i had my hair extensions glued in so they look like natural hair, i would swish it like that tv advert but me neck hurts too much lol!!

hugs to u xx


im sure that somebody asked that question on here ,maybe on the questions ?

have a look im sure they said it was a fibro related thing

how rubbish hunny :( the exstensions looked great though :) xxxxx


Aww Nadine, I just want to give you a big hug xx

Alopecia must be so hard to deal with. Must admit I haven't heard of it being a side effect of FM. Anaemia won't help, or low Vit D. At least it's been found out so you can do something about it.

What's going on in your life right now? I know it must be hard but try not to stress about the hair loss - it's Catch 22.

Meanwhile, you're doing the right thing hun in making yourself feel good. Do whatever makes you happier. When some parts of you are out of control, it's only natural to take control of others. Nails, hair, whatever, are part of that.

I got my nose pierced 18 months ago (am over 50!) and got my bellybutton pierced at the same time. I was divorcing my ex at the time and thought "sod it". I'd always wanted it done and my ex was a fuddyduddy. My BF thinks it's great cos my "bohemian" nature is coming back out and he loves it.

Your babies will want you happy. So I say "do it"!


dont know how to do links but i found question " does anybody exspierence hair loss "

by hypermummy

it has some info for you hun x


thanku lynz will have look xx

and sammicat wish someone was here give me hug, hard being single mum with fibro :-(


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