Down with as bump

God!!! what can I say, Its been quite along time since I've put anything on, not that I haven't been reading anything its just things were going so well, it all started when the sun came out and I started a new diet, life started to get better, I was feeling as if I could start to adjust to having fibro. I was out doing things in the garden, enjoying myself, yes I was enjoying myself, doing a little bit here and there, pottering about if you like, don't get me wrong I had bad days where the pain was very uncomfortable but as long as I was in the garden all was good, the sky was blue with the occasional fluffy cloud. Nothing could beat it. Then it came back, smacked me in the face like I'd be flung from the top of a tower block. Yes I hit the ground and I'm back to square one. In pain and feeling low. Why!!!! Why is it that it won't stay manageable I didnt change anything I may have over done it a few day but I paid the price I suffered, but no fibro is not satisfied with that, it has to just make sure I understand that it is in control of me and not the other way round. I know I should be brushing myself off and starting again but this has no bounds. It's has no rules.

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  • I can so relate, but we can and will survive .

  • I know betty67, but sometimes that light and the end of the tunnel is so far away, but yes I will survive. Hugs x. Tomorrow could the turn of my corner again :-) x

  • Yes at the moment every thing I try to do goes wrong just watching Jeremy Kyle so I know it could be worse.

  • LOL 😄

  • That's the nature of this horrible disease, it lulls you into a false sense of security, thinking everything is fine, you are cured!!!!! Ha Ha , no you're not 😟. There is NO cure It's just a blip, so make the most of it while it lasts, and above all keep smiling 😃

  • Thanks Arymretep. I going to get up tomorrow and start again. Hugs x

  • Good for you girl 😃

  • Betty67, that is so true, the things people do for 5 mins with jk. Lol. X

  • Fibro cheats! That's the conclusion I have come to anyway! It let's you think you are going to be in control. Then it cheats its way back into the game. I personally try to think of it as a game my body and mind are playing with my heart! I just make sure my heart is still in the game on the bad days! I don't let body and mind push my heart out of the game! Yep two against one the odds aren't fair at all. Then add the fact they cheat well really not fair! The problem is I have meet people like that too. You struggle to stay a float and they cheat their way through life! In the end though you win because you were fair! So I am going to win this game with Fibro period. So good day gentle hugs and may the wind be at your back!

  • Regnofibro1. That's exactly what it does, cheats. I'm on your side, I'm going to win too. May the wind be in your back also. Hugs xx

  • Yeh, I've met people like that too, they get away with murder and you are left to pick up the pieces. There are givers and takers in life, and fybro is definitely a taker. Lol But we won't let it win 😃

  • I thought that i had Fibron the fibro monster locked in its cage, but its sneaky and escaped when i was working in the garden.

    Now i have to lure him back in its cage with lots of rest and no stress. I wish, im like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for the Tribunal letter. :( X

  • Hi Mayrose54. Thats what it is a monster. The trouble is I need to be outside deheading I dont want to rest and de stress myself. Lol. The only way is up. Hugs x

  • I'm have a rough week after I had a good week :-( booooooooooooo I hope tomorrow is better for everyone x

  • I hope you have a better tomorrow!!!

  • Thanks hun, x x

  • Hi.keeleybee. I hope you are on the up tomorrow too. Im sure its just going to have to be positive thoughts. Hugs x

  • Yes positive thoughts :-) I hope to take the little one to the farm so I'm on complete rest mood now LOL hugs x

  • I'm kind of late to the thread, but I sympathize mama. I still haven't learned how to pace myself on the good days. Maybe a bit better. But yeah, a sneaky thief alright.

    Sometimes it's so mean I can't even visit the computer much less the forum. That went on for weeks recently and I missed the support and the laughs you guys give.

    Members here will help you cope, with advice, sympathy, cartoons, laughter, and discussion that is intereseting, sometimes funny, that has nothing to do with fibro. Yep, the body maybe unwilling, but the mind can conquer!

  • Morning clare. It good in a way to hear friends on here finding it hard to cope. Makes me feel not alone, if you see what I mean. Your so right when you say heart and head ready its just trying to get body to keep up. Little steps and gentle hugs to you clare x

  • You know, mamabassey, I've been in kind of a "lull period" like you ... with just a little bleep on my radar every now and then, but mostly stuff that's not really been FM: a kidney stone, only #2 in about five years caused by my Topamax for migraines, then first ever bladder infection, then nauseau from the meds. (can't take sulfa, got a strange antibiotic I've never heard of!).

    So I just keep looking over my shoulder for the sudden Fibro Flare that's bound to hit me out of that soft, blue cloudy TX sky soon! Maybe it's delayed 'cos we've had a really mild (80s temps!) start to summer? 'cos I've been distracted with some kinda' fun (even halfway leisurely!) trips with my hubby? or ~ cos we spent lots of time shopping for stuff for my Fall & Christmas "Trunk/Booth Show" Sales (Handmade Art & Vintage Goodies)? ...

    ... but I'll be ready when it comes, because I know it will ... ! For you, soft gentle hugs, and good wishes for better days again, very soon! bk

  • Morning baffedkaffy. I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough time. But it true the sunshine has helped we had such great weather ourselves then a few days of wet weather and I come crashing down so I know what the winters going to be like. Its nice to hear you have been out and about long may the nice weather and visits last. Thank you for you support. Gentle hugs. Xxx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can get back to where you were before your flare.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Morning Ken. Thats kind thank you. X

  • Hi Mamabassey - I'm relatively new here so I don't think we've "met" before!

    One thing I noticed from your post - you said you felt better with the sun. Have you tried vitamin D3 tablets? It's been found that many people are deficient in this due to the fact that we don't get much sun. I was very deficient at one stage and supplementing with tablets has certainly helped a bit. There are articles online linking fibromyalgia-type pain with vitamin D deficiency. I won't put a link in here as I keep getting into trouble for that (they don't like links with ads in them - and it's difficult to find one which doesn't have ads nowadays). But just google "fibromyalgia vitamin d" and you should find something.

    Of course, there is also the issue of overdoing it on our "good" days, as other people here have said.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi carolineC57. Thank for your message. I have been having vit d as I was very deficiency but in low level of normal now so heading in right direction. I'm sure it just me getting on with as much as I could while I felf good. Im sure with time I shall get better with pacing myself over time. You takecare and thanks again hugs Deb x

  • know this sounds crazy so pleased that you were able to have some moments of a pain free or relatively pain free time. what a joy! if you can hold that thought in your head to help you get through the fibro hell. i barely can remember more than 4-5 hours at best being able to function. thanks for giving me hope....

  • Morning Nadine111. The only way I get up and about is really down to my family and close friends. They have positive minds and it rubs off on me I do spend time in pain as I am today but I still have got my mother and sister here for lunch. I will probably spend mon in bed but as I say id rather be in pain for a good reason.then just be in.pain for fibro monster. Hioe you have a good day too. Hugs Deb. X

  • thank you mamabassey. yesterday i managed to get to the big antique show in portland. am proud of myself for managing to get there and enjoyed the time with my husband. so today i'm in bed. we were suppose to see our grandson but had to cancel which makes me feel terrible. he loves to see us but has learned that sometimes grandma can't play. the weather had changed today which has also affected my body. is that typical of most people with fibro? i so like what you said about being in pain for a good reason instead of for the fibro monster. although many times i can not fight the pain i will try to remember what you said. again, thank you.

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