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another part of fibro or something else?


i went thro town today with my partner and as usal my knees and legs hurt and was tired. so we got on with what we did and got into a taxi. i tried to menover my feet and legs over the middle part to get over to let my partner in and my legs just felt like a heavy weight was hanging on them and it just took all my stregnth to move them. after we got home. i was wiped out from it and took my tablets then slept for a long period of time. my question is this something i should be worried about or is it another part of having fibro?

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I find when I’m out n about my legs become like a dead weight , really heavy n painful this is every single day more or less , also fatigue is really bad getting , I was out last night for a family birthday dinner , had to leave my family to continue celebrating went to bed at 11 pm slept all night woke up at 10 am this morning had breakfast then slept again till 4-30 , still in bed at moment watching tv , so I think it’s all part n parcel of fibro x

thank you for your reply. i hope the fatigue and pain become more comfortable for you soon. Hope you family understood as most families dont and just think we are lazy and just moaning about nothing. i do hope it is just a part of fibro and nothing else. just dont want to be in a electric wheelchair yet

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Yeah I followed my daughter over to charity shop window and she was looking at chairs for me lol I thought she seen nice dress or handbag,she said it'd do for when I start to get sore&there after while out.

I experience the same thing often. Left exusted after a short trip struggling to manouver. Just try to keep active controlled breathing may help you,wish you well.x

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Manovering is big thing for me to


The fibromyalgia unfortunately

Well I believe it's another part of fibro. My legs& feet have felt like I have 50 pound weights holding me down. In the beginning 15 yrs ago after chemo,I thought it would go away. It didn't. 6 neurologists later I found one the did a nerve conductor test on me & called it "Peripheral Neuropathy . See if you can get those stationary bike pedals& do it while sitting on chair or sofa. Start magnesium spray ( online) .Stop or slow down on sugar. Bless you & hope this helps.

excersise even a little tends to leave me in pain. i have tried the spray and it dosent seem to do anything. i am on slimming world but any tips on reducing sugar or stopping it would be helpful.

Dear Sarah, I know nothing much helps but when I control my sugar intake it works. See if you can get on a site in U.S. called " Fed Up With Fatique ". I know that DRibose powder 1000 × 3 a day helps with the heavy burning & energy level.,I get mine on Amazon or E-bay. Look on Pinterest for healthy options to sugar & cut. out alcohol .Pinterest has lots of recipes with special diets for Fibromyalgia/ neuropathy. Do you take the supplement Alpha Lipotic Acid? I know it's a lot to do but try it . Also therapeutic yoga has helped me enormously. Don't give up! 💖

never heard heard of it but will take a look

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