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i read most of the post and questions on here and i feel like a fraud there is so many of you that suffer from more than fibro that really need the help then there is me all i have is fibro im now starting to think i should just get back to work when my sick note runs out and get on with it forget about dla and esa and leave it for them that really need it

im all over the place cos i feel like a fraud asking to try for dla and needing to walk with a stick get a grip girl go back to work and get over yourself there are people out there worse than you and they do it

sorry everyone ramble over just needed to get it out

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hey girl dont feel like that we all feel done at times..

if you are in pain and can not cope go for the dla. and it really sounds like that you are very depressed hun... go bk to ur doctor and as for some thing that will help you ... we are all here for you and one an other xx hugs :)


Woah! there JUST fibro, this illness is such a dibilitating thing to cope with and attack us all in different ways.

I also have a couple of other things going on, but never call yourself a fraud because you only suffer wth fibro that is a definite NO NO.

lol Susan xxx


Hey, like everyone else has said YOU ARE NOT A FRAUD.

Fibro on its own is a horrible illness and something that you just cant shrug off.

There will always be someone worse than me and you and everyone else, it doesnt mean that you have nothing wrong.

You need to take care of you and if going back to work will make you worse right now then dont go back.

Stop being so daft lol.

You belong here just like evryone else.

kel xxx


Hi Sarah

As all the others have said you are not a have Fibro end of.... you are ill just like the rest of us

Please feel free to talk to us anytime

Take care

Sarah xx


You ramble away, you are not alone, i like a good old ramble :)

You are no fraud, none of us are. x

We all suffer different illnesses & symptoms on different days and in different ways. x

Take Care Lou x


no your not a fraud! i "only" have fibro and yes work part time yes it knackers me but i want to work and can sit if i need to but if i get worse then id have to give up but then i find the chats with customers help me with my depression as well we are all different with this disorder


I can only echo what the others have said...'fraud' is a word not to be's a silent condition and we're all suffering in some way.

Gentle hugs


You most certainly are not a fraud!!

As far as I know I "only" have fibro but I've gone from full time work and full on life to part time work and no life!

Its a dreadful illness that saps your strength pysically, emotionally and mentally.

You have to learn to be kind to yourself, that took me a long time of feeling just the way you do until I finally accepted Im not usless, Im not a hypochodric and Its not my fault!!

Its not yours either, Its hard but try not to beat yourself up, the fibro will do that for you, and you dont derserve it. None of us do, but we do what we can to get by :)

Everybody on here is here for you any time you need to vent, moan away we all feel better for it :) Gentle hugs. xx


hay don't talk like that and deff not just fibeo . when you have a flear up then it is not just fibro i started with as you say just fibro you hold on hun and keep positiv thourts but never say you only have just fibro you have the pain as we all do and everythink else we have with just fibro . you are not a frued you are one of the gang hun sofft hugs take care of your self hun xx


Look you are not a fraud you have fibro and its real and it can be a very dibilitating illness you jus have to do what you can when you can , if you are in a flare up and know that you are not going to be able to do your job to the best of your ability then go to the GP and get another sick note and jus take it as it comes, i just was awarded a blue badge on sat i have only used it twice i parked yesterday in a disabled bay and you should have seen the looks i was getting from the car next door! they were a real elderly cpouple and i am sure they think i jus parked there for the sake of it but tot hem i looked fine . young (well compared to them46) and i felt like a real fraud but what they could not see is the pain my whole body was in and how i had jus stumbled in the shopa nd how my legs were like jelly it really is awful, i too have filled in DLA form online but have saved it i am not sending it in yet i wan to make sure i have done it right and if i get it it is because they feel i need it if i dont i will re apply and will keep doing so until i do get it and someone listens.yes some people are worse than us but it doesnt take away the fact that YOU HAVE GOT FIBRO IT IS REAL AND SOME DAYS YOU ARE SO BAD YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!! so you go back to your Gp love to you Diddle xx


There are so many symptoms that make up fibro that you can never dismiss it as "just fibro". If you need to be at home because of your illness so be it x


As I keep saying, IMHO the WORST symptom of fibromyalgia is 'MY WORD you DO look well!!' I have a blue badge for disabled parking, and when I first got it, I would limp much more than I really needed to, just so people won't think I'm a phoney!!

Nowadays, most of the time I don't have to put it on, I often walk like a drunken weeble on a bad day. I don't use this badge unless it is absolutely necessary, on a good day I like to park a distance away just to get some exercise which I can't get on a bad day.

We all have our own limits and what's excrutiating for me may be a slight ache for others, and vice versa. Please don't put yourself down love, you're not a fraud. xxx


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