DLA/FIBROMYALGIA PETITION please will you sign ?

Hello , im currently running a petition for Fibro/ME/CFS sufferers regarding the new health checks via atos for DLA which many are now being stopped ,There is a sever lack of knowledge in this area im hoping this may help them understand our condition a little better!! Please feel free to add your signature as it will be much appreciated.Tracy

this is the link..it literally takes a couple of mins unless you would like to rant in the comments section!!


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  • yep I havel certainly signed this x

  • Have signed the petition, good luck

  • Definately signed this - really hope something is actually done this time! :) x

  • I have signed it with a little rant fingers crossed xx

  • Signed and shared on FB / tweeted on Twitter.

  • I have signed it also and told them what it is like for me to live with fibro. I hope it helps.

  • Thank you all!! share and post in as many places as you want!!...

  • signed and shared on fb, def worthwhile petition

  • all done thankyou love diddle x

  • signed and shared!

  • All signed.. & shared.. xx

  • Signed and shared on FB. xx

  • done ,good luck

  • Sorry to be the one to bring this to your attention, ATOS carry out work capability assessments for Employment and Support Allowance, not DLA though they are due to start next year. Lots of people with Fibro have been deemed "fit to work" following an ATOS assessment, myself included and yes, your petition should be signed for this reason. The assessments for DLA changing over to PIP (personal independance payment) are to be carried out by ATOS in the north and south of the country, Capita have the contract for the midlands. This means that all people currently getting DLA and new claimants will have to undergo a 1 to 1 assessment by a "health care proffessional" and could result in many disabled people having their awards cut dramatically, but if the Government is to be believed, some may have increases. The so called idea behind it all is to make sure that those in most need of the money get it and those who don't, wont! Sounds great in an ideal world, but if the same people who are giving these assessments are the same that get an astonishing 61% of their decisions overturned in Tribunal for ESA, its going to be a tough time for all on DLA.....

  • I have signed by the way! :)

  • Signed :-)

  • I think I've signed this already will try again anyway and see xx

  • Yes already recorded I think I've tried to sign this about 5 times already, fibro fog!, succeeded first time xx

  • Signed and shared :) xo

  • I've just signed it and I had a rant too....x

  • have signed, ranted and posted to FB! xxxx

  • Just to confirm how ditzy this illness make you I just tried to fill out the form only to realise I have already done it. brain fog x

  • I have just signed this x

  • Me too hope it helps x

  • Thanks so much people...keep it going and i will repost later!! Tracy

  • I have already sign on other fibromyalgia site.

  • I have just signed too xx

  • I have just signed too xx

  • Yes I would certainly like to rant but it would take up too much space! Have just had my PIP assessment at a centre. I am only able to walk a few steps on a 'walker' device and am severely disabled with what I can do for myself in the way of looking after myself. Am at present on high level DLA for both components. The PIP assessment would better be called an interrogation - its certainly not an accurate assessment of people like us who have ME/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue/Pain etc. I also have a number of other diagnoses of a severe nature to add to it. My interrogation took 2 hours itself after being kept waiting 45 minutes for the appointment. Have yet to get the result but apparently they are aiming to remove 20% of claimants of DLA making a saving of some 79M or Billion [can't remember which]. This is a soul-destroying experience which reduces people to even more disability than they are already. We are 'ready for them' as it were and will be appealing and/or complaining - whichever or whatever applies. We are even prepared to involve the media. This approach is wrong. The application and the assessment does not ask the right questions to get the correct answers to indicate each person's problems and it appears quite obvious that all people have to do is learn the answers that are 'required to meet the descriptors' and they get the award whether or not they are disabled at all. We would have said that, of all the people waiting in that waiting room, I would be the only one truly and rightly disabled. The experience has left me feeling like a fraud when we know quite definitely that I am entitled to the Enhanced Rate of both components. I feel as if the soul has been torn out of me. It was horrendous and I cannot help but feel that it was not possible to answer truthfully for a condition such as ours and get the award that is rightly ours.

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