UTI AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Can't believe I have another infection so fed up with this I/C Dr has told me he had a letter from the hospital and they are sure nothing has been missed and nothing can be done for me my last option is a total bladder removal rather drastic to say the least but in the middle of the night I would love to rip it out! so fed up with it, had my sons virus all last week and now this always something isnt it!

Hugs Ruby xx

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  • Thanks Julie yes in a lot of pain I take a daily Antibiotic 3 different ones 2 months on each to be honest wasn't able to get a sample to Dr's today so will have to wait until tomorrow, last week when I saw him he gave me a box of Ciprofloxacin to have for emergency guessing think he meant bank holidays and weekends mine often start on a Friday night so typical might ring on the of chance and see if I can speak to him as late night surgery depends if I get a nice receptionist lol will let you know, glad yours is settled hope it stays that way for you, Hugs Ruby xx

  • Hi Julie just rung surgery and a very nice lady has put me on his list for a phone call not sure if you have had the tabs I mentioned but he said they will kill anything! but of course can't keep taking them as get used to them so fingers crossed as unbearable really Ruby xx

  • Hi Jules Well my nice Dr has rung and yes can take the Cipro I was using the Trmethroprim as my first antibiotic and often when I got an infection my Dr thinks I am immune to it so can't have it anymore weird how I have another again so will have to see how things go he will put me up another box of cipro so have them in hand again, all I can say is thank goodness due to my thyroid I don't pay for my meds!!!

    I have had 3 bladder stretches and Cystocopys to no avail strange how they can't find a cause, So just hope I get some sleep tonight think not possibly as a nasty bug filled with yucky stuff and soooooo painful mind you can't beat the good old water bottle sounds odd but I put it between my legs and the heat goes up through it is lovely and have one on belly too!

    God I DO WAFFLE ON DON'T i LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Ruby xx

  • Oh dear surely that would be the very last option i would try anything and everything before i went down that route it sounds very drastic to me surely there must be other avenues they can explore? i do hope so for your sake llove to you diddle x

  • Hi Ruby,

    Three years ago i had kideney infections all the time for about 6 months. I lost 2 stone in weight and was very poorly, i am suprised i didnt end up in hospital as i never slept for weeks as it was so painful in my back.

    I havent had one again since, they have just gone and i have put all my weight back on. :(

    Two weeks ago i got dx with cfs/me (aswell as having fibro and hypermobility), My specialist believes that the ME is a result of my kidney infections.

    So please take it easy as much as you can and give yourself plenty of recovery and dont battle on like i did.

    kel xxx

  • My mum doesn't have fibro but lots of my family me included do she suffers all the time with I/c and on antibiotics every night for life now .i suffer with it in fits and starts .hope you feel better soon x

  • I suffer with infections and trimethroprim works for me. However, my cousin kept getting infections and after months they found that the bug she had was resistant to this medication. After further investigation they found an antibiotic to deal with the infection she had and it was eventually cleared although they put her on a low dose of antibiotic for a long period to ensure all the bug had gone. x

  • Hi All

    Sorry joint reply due to my net problems thankfully my bladder is much better now Monday & Tuesday night were awful so painful had this for years, I am lumbered with this now for life and no Diddle having bladder removed is not an option for me not now anyway as 52 this year so think I will leave it until very old although my Kids think I am lol !!!!

    Huggybear yes I am too on antibiotics daily for life have 3 take 1 for 2 months then change onto the next one and so on and back to the first been doing this since my bladder Installations failed a few years ago

    Kel how awful for you I to am surprised you didn't end up in hospital poor you sounds like you also have a lot to deal wit that seems to be the case with most folk with fibro sadly.

    Ang01 It is strange how we all react to these tablets I have had trouble for years now and the pain is so bad I can barely walk sounds dramatic but would rather suffer like that than have bladder removed at this time in my life might think differently in 20myears time ha ha!

    Hugs to all Ruby xx

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