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feel crap again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feel dreadful again fed up been in so much pain & weepy for days i gave up a well paid job in february after 7 years with the same company gone self employed so if im to ill i dont work i have ankylosing spondilitis as well as fibro its 13.20 & my neck has still got pins n needles head feels heavy,my last xray showed my discs have totaly gone at S1 & S2 off balance dizzy and totaly fed up i have given in & rung up for DLA forms if i can get mobility i will be happy had a blue badge for 8 years watch this space?? any comments appreciated xx

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So sorry that you are feeling so miserable. Have you seen your GP recently? If not perhaps your medication needs reviewing so that you don't feel quite so low. Good luck with your application for DLA. I certainly seems like you should be entitled to it. Gentle hugs to you. Jane x


God love you, make sure the doctor is giving you the right meds pet, you should get dla anyway thats very serious, as if you needed confirmation, it must be dreadful, fibro pains are bad enough without ankylosing spondilitis, (phew! big words,), isin't that the spine?, as far as I can remember, well they can never question your pains sure they cant, hope you have a nice weekend pet and can settle your pain, I know what its like to have the weeps I have one nice day where I can smile easily and then I have 4 weak days that pain can come crashing down on me and anniliate me in a second, it's a curse. take care love xxxxx


im so sorry your feeling this rough today and also about your last job, must have been very hard.

words cannot really say to help.but keep your chin up even on bad days my personality and sens of humor mostly keeps me going and great friends on here and a amazing fella too.

i dont work at min but want too but hard..

all i will say is fight and fight,and keep copys of everything you send in.and records of phonecalls and who you speak too.

go and see your g.p and talk about medication ,rest when you can,keep warm,and dehydrated too...

a well balanced diet if sorry im not being constructive..x

p.s i no this hasnt helped but i do try and do feel for you.


thankyou i know there are people worse off than me but you cant help how you feel and then the guilt after you feel better.i too have a wonderful husband dont know what i would do without


You must be in agony, you do what you need to do to help yourself as its your life your living, good luck with dla and hope your pain eases, how do you deal with all that pain?

Nicki xxxxxx


thanks chick i have quite a high pain threshold which im told is not goodas you just go on until your body shuts down,blacked out in december spent week in hozzy. but i look around me ben parkinson is a 28 yr old who suffered the most extreme injuries in afghan 6 yr ago,lost both legs brain damaged deaf couldnt talk he has artificial legs talks n hears again & lives every day to the max he is awesome im privileged to know him hes an inspiration xxxx


Wow that's incredible that you know him and draw on his life, but don't play down yours!!!! I believe in a good positive attitude like you, I too have high pain threshold but when pain gets you it GETS you so I understand that too, take care flower

Love and hugs nicki xxxxx


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