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Ill health - again!

Hi all on this forum page! I have written a post as I'm fed up of getting ill! I have had problems with catching bugs for months and after spending most of last year drinking antibiotics I have now got such dreadful immunity. Can anyone please help as I am vegetarian needing a boost to get me through some gruelling c.b.t that will eventually deal with the majority of my i.b.s symptoms and stress. I have been put on esomeprazole as I also have problems with stomach acid, which I feel is the underlying cause of my poor immunity, I have a doctor who is ignoring this fact. Help, please if anyone can I would be most grateful as I've reached the end of my tether with my ill health!

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Sorry you are feeling so unwell. I strongly advise that you find a new GP the worst thing when you are suffering from stress is to not be heard by the very people you trust with your care. I hope you feel better soon. Lou x


Foxkennedy lovely to meet you, so sorry you are not well

Really hope you feel better very soon have you tried Buscapan

Helps me a lot but always ask your Doctor.

All the best



Thanks for all the comments, I'm waiting for dieticians response she thinks it could be b12! This would answer a lot of health concerns!


I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and as the others have said it may help to discuss these issues with a different GP.

Good luck



Hi, I too am sorry you are having so much trouble. I hate antibiotics. In themselves, they reduce your immunity. Since I don't know the root of your problem, I can only give you some ideas from my own experience and training as a holistic health practitioner.

My plan is always to attack at the first sign of anything. Now that your immune system is down, there are ways to attack that as well, and there isn't that much difference.

Perhaps one of the first things you can do is fast to help flush out the "poisons," or whatever you may consider them, from your intestinal tract. Your blood needs to be nourished. Go to a holistic store and talk to someone who specializes in remedies. There are vitamins formulated just for women (such as New Chapter) that while expensive, are completely vegetarian and organic. Among other things, zinc is important for the immune system so be sure your foods include these, or be sure they are in the supplement.

Here's a good article.


Scroll down to herbal supplements. You can find these in extracts to add to juice or tea, or you can find teas such as echinacea. Astragalus, echinacea extracts, and fresh ginger (or ginger tea) are ones I use when I feel illness coming on.

Green juices, the ones made from things like wheat grass and others which can be made by juicing, are full of helpful nutrients and can even be the basis of a fast. Artichoke extract is one I use to balance the intestines. Mint tea is good for digestion and is good for adding extracts, honey, or if you don't like honey, consider grade b maple syrup or agave syrup, and and add fresh lemon. The lemon is purifying. If you are having sinus symptoms you can add stinging nettle, which believe it or not, is excellent for treating this. Keeping your digestive system healthy is important for your lungs and helps with back pain. Certainly using an extract like astragalus adds to energy, in Chinese medicine it is considered to improve the health of the kidneys which are an organ of life source.

Speaking of Chinese medicine, it might be worth a visit to an acupuncurist for a full evaluation, balancing, and to get advice on Chinese herbs to boost your immune system and correct imbalances.

I hope some of these ideas will lead you in the right direction. At least they may be food for thought?


Incidentally, I also have IBS and have recently begun to take my gastroenterologist's advice for dietary changes, the FODMAP diet. There is a list of restricted foods and those considered to be OK. Of course, this will vary person to person. Here is the list I refer to to:


You might be gluten and/or lactose intolerant or senstive, so you could try removing each one at a time and see if you have good results from taking those out of your diet.

I wish you the best.


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