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My Nightmare living with fibro has just got worse


Today i recieved a letter saying my esa has been stopped , I had my medical 2 weeks ago which they paid for me to travel a round trip of 60 miles in a taxi my doctor had confimed that i could not drive as i also have problems walking ,she had also written on my sick note that my illness was long term My letter today said my esa had stopped a week ago , I am at the end of my tether and dont know what to do Do I open up a claim for jobseekers allowance until i get another doctors appointment , I dont know how the appeal works , I am a single mum and cant manage with-out any money I can barely get out of bed most days and this has just knocked me right down please help some-one

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I am so sorry sue,

I would get to cab if i were you. I dont get any benefits so dont know the system.

You definatly need to speak to some one proffesional as this isnt on.

As far as job centre is concerned, my partner was on it for abit last year and it was awful, its like getting blood out of a stone with them you would still wait weeks without money.

Definatly get some advice hun, and i hope you get it sorted soon.

kel xxx


go to appeal, Im sure your money will then still be paid mine was


I'm not sure what area you live in Sue, but if possible have a look in yellow pages and see if there is a law centre near you. If not get straight onto CAB , they can advise you on making an appeal.

It can take up to 12 months to get to tribunal so meantime get hold of your local job centre plus and ask them if there is anything you can claim meanwhile.

I couldn't claim job seekers when my SDA was stopped because I'm agoraphobic and couldn't sign on and to be honest I had to live on charity until my appeal was heard and my benefit was re-instated , but you may be entitled to income support . That was a few years ago now though so things may have changed . You need advice asap. You can't live on nothing.

CAB or a benefits support agency or law centre should be able to advise you, so ring them asap.

Hidden the appeals are taking between 1-2 yrs also phone welfare right s

Ok Thanks every-one Im so in a dark place right now and only just hanging on in there i really appreciate all your advice x


try phoning the benefits hotline or the number youve got for esa , mine was paid for nearly 1 yr while waiting for appeal

I won't start on what this government is doing to the sick and disabled otherwise this post would go on forever. I feel so desperately sorry for your situation and hope CAB can put you onto someone who can help you and give advice. Sending you a big hug.

Caroline x

You must appeal, you get access a site from this site called It tell syou how to go about submitting an appeal and also gives you advice on what to say and points to make.

It is a very helpful site, I won my appeal using their information.

Good Luck

How awful for you I can't add anything else to the advice already been given but hope you get sorted out soon thinking of you (((((((hugs))))))))) Ruby xx

You need to appeal but you need to get help from CAB or some other organisation, appeal asap and put in a sick note from your doctor, with a sick note you should keep basic lower rate benefit until appeal is heard.

God luck and loads hugs I am surviving on 67.50 a week untill appeal x

bumblebee57 in reply to penny41

Hi everyone.I feel for you Sue, coz Ive been there.I was left with on money for 6 wks when I was on Income support because someone didnt do their job. You cant live on fresh air.go to every helpline you can find.You have to find the strength somewhere. As for sick notes, make sure you know when it runs out (if its not made out to be indefinate).I had a letter from DWP saying "You may have to supply a sick note...." MAY and A, not "you will have to" and "sicknotes every 2 months when they run out". I sent A sick note,not realising it ran out in 2 months and they stopped my ESA...just like that. They dont realise how hard it is for us and the stress and pain they put us through.Nothing is easy with them.I wish you all the luck in the world.But make a real nuisance of yourself till you get whats yours. Gentle hugs.Carol

Phone the number on the letter, tell them you want to appeal & give your reasons why. They'll send you a form and or you can get the form from the JobCentre (not sure the name of it sorry) and once they've received that appeal form, you'll start getting the assessment payment for ESA again until your appeal is heard. Hope this helps xx

MissKittycat in reply to RhiRhi

Good advice x I couldn't get to the job centre so actually wrote an appeal letter outlining what I was appealing about and they did the appeal from that, though going the DWP form route is the best idea.

Hope you get it sorted x


Oh bless you i am so sorry ti hear that but come on now you must try to get this sorted and quickly tyou cannot have no money so i think you really need to go to see your Gp who obviously knows what your health is like and how it affects you so he/she is on your side which is good so make an appointment twith them and see if ther is anything they can do to help you and get those appeal papers and take those with you nd the paperwork of your appointment too good luck and hope you can get through this we are all here for you i know its not much but you really are not alone love to you Diddle x

Sorry you are suffering in this way. If you feel up to it, write to your local MP. Perhaps you could cut and paste what you have put here? They need to know how all this is affecting us and the more of us who do the better. He should pass your letter direct to the Minister involved. It may help get things changed. The govt is relying on us taking it lying down - literally! I was given an advocate to help with my appeal and he was great. It can be so hard to think straight at times like these. Keep in touch and we are with you.x

I really feel for you . I am a single parent to and like yourself failed my medical only scoring 6 points . I went to appeal i waited 10 months for it and was told i had failed that too! I went to my gp again and told him i feel suicidal feel as if i have no path to take now . I can't claim jsa because i am not fit for work . It's a mad system . I wish you all the very best of luck .


Just to say. My fibromyalgia definitely also has seem to have gotten worse in these past few weeks. Why is that?

Hiya.. please go to CAB.. or if your Local Authority has a Money Advice Unit... they will help you as the appeals process needs someone who understand how it all works... am goign to take redundancy at work as I'm not coping so will be in the same boat so hope you get on well

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