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Third assessment today


Morning all, have my 3rd assessment today, yes on a Sunday, went to my Doctor last week to ask for my medical records, paid for them and they sent something from 2009, nothing about my condition now, took it back and asked them to update it, did not get it back , they didnt ring when they said they would, worried now that that is what they have sent to the assessors, i stopped work 2 years ago and have been on ESA since then thing is if i dont get through this one , can they stop the ESA, i get PIP till 2018.

On the record that they sent , they had got wine drinker on it , i have never drunk wine in my life, family can vouch for that, i rarely touch alcohol because i dont like the taste. All the stuff on there is irrelevant as i was still working then, i dont have anyone i can take with me because of the time and date.

Been in and out of the Doctors all week as i woke up in severe pain on Tuesday and they are doing tests but i bet the assessors wont know about that, oh well nothing i can do now.

Wish me luck.

Lesley x

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I always ask for a copy of any reports from consultants, X-rays etc when I see the Dr about them. That way I know I have updated records at home. Bit late for you now sadly, but a thought for you from now on 🐸

I am so sorry , try disabilities rights they might be able to help you ! Or age concern, you'd be surprised how they will come through for you , it's shocking what can be assumed by a doctor , and possibly I suspect listen to gossip possible from people who don't know you and make up things for drama.

Good luck


Surely they will assess you on now hun and not previously i would cancel to day if you can as you are allowed one cancellation.untill you get all this sorted out with doctors it will give you some grace..up to you as yoy are so worriedxx

Hi all, thank you so much for your comments, i am back, it went well, no examination, the lady i saw, Helen from Liverpool, was brilliant, she said i am recommending the support group for you , you will be 62 this year and they cant find jobs for the 20/30 year olds, arthritis is degenerative, its not going to get better. you shouldnt have to come here again, well i can only wait now and see, thank you all for your support xx

TheAuthor in reply to angelm54

Hi again

That is absolutely wonderful to read, congratulations.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thats good news im so pleased for you at least its done with now...chill out put your feet up its over and done...well done there are some decent people about in this world at last goid news for a changexxx

angelm54 in reply to dawniee2121

Thanks Dawniee, though i will hold my breath until i see it in black and white, wonder if i will get any backpay, been in wrag for 18 months, mustnt push my luck though, i will just be happy not to have to go to JC interviews and courses xx

bigfattoe in reply to angelm54

Wow yes im waiting but my mp is involved now mine been 16 months they keep cancel on me 5 assessments cancelled lol but guess wat somethink come good as ive asked them to check my entitlement.and had a letter to do with my bedroom ive applied..but i think my mp letter behind it...yes i really hope you get a big lump you deserve eveey penny all the stress you have had waiting..keep me posted as im as curious as im behind you now wait for mine yipee for youxxx

angelm54 in reply to bigfattoe

Hi , well good luck with yours, i will let you know when i hear anything xx

Hi angelm54

I am so genuinely sorry to read that they got a basic fact wrong! It is truly awful and unforgivable. As the others have said there are people like disability advocates etc that can help with these situations. I am also so sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling at the moment and I would like to sincerely wish you a speedy recovery.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thank you Ken x

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