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I've just started taking Tramadol and wondered if it's upset anyone's tummy?

Also how long does it take to take the multiple pains away?

I can't take much more and have tried most of the medication talked about on here. Nothing seems to work for me. I am waiting to hear whether I'm eligible for DLA it's my 3rd time applying so fingers crossed. I also suffer from ulcerated colitis and crohns disease which for those who don't know what it is, it's a inflammatory bowel disease.

Any advice or replies would be great

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Crumbs sweetie, you have got it hard.... Tramadol works differently with each person, personally it didn't help me, but I know of others it helps. It could work the day you take it, or it might take a couple of days.

My sister has crohns and can only use paracetamol because of the other meds shes on - but it works for her.

Hope you get your DLA - have you got anyone helping you with it this time? worth contacting the CAB to get info - hope this help x


I've already filled it in. I do feel it shouldn't be so difficult to complete, after all it's not our intelligence they are testing it's our bodies and the pain we suffer. I will keep you all informed to whether I get it or not, but this timeim going to appeal for sure.


Thank you for letting me know


Hiya, I take tramadol.

First few days was lousey, felt sick and dizzy and generally really ill but gave it a full week by which time the pain was better, not gone but markedly improved.

The side effects wore of after just over a week and I've had not probs with it since.

In my case it hasnt made me pain free, I dont think anything does, but I am able to cope most days and only struggle when I flare up.

My doc has advised me how many extra I can take with a flare and you can also take ibruprofen on top. Soooo, works for me. Hope it helps yop too. xx


I was started in Tramadol years ago. Only 50mg to start. Then when I had a really, really bad flare-up it was upped to 100mg, 3 times a day. This put me in hospital with a blocked bowl ( I quite literally nearly died) Everything was starting to shut down. I threw-up for 10 hours..non-stop. They eventually put me on a drip and took x-ray's. ( this was how they found out I had a blocked bowl) From this day forward, I suffered with terrible IBS. I also found that Tramadol gave me THE worst headaches ever! I've not touched the drug since. It's pure Evil. ( I know some swear by it)....I know it's not for everyone. Just make sure you keep an eye on your bowl movements.


Thank you for letting me know I'll keep an eye on it x


You're most welcome. :) Hope you feel a wee bit better soon. *hugs*


no i didnt tolerate trammies either i felt awful on them and really sick... but if its sickness you are gettin you can get anti sickness tabs to take with em... i been given domperidone to stop me feelin sick with the co-codamols. they do help. just a thought x x gl with ya dla... i got it my third time hun x so glgl x


I take tramadol for osteoarthritis, it doesn't touch my fibro pain. Definitely has a constipating effect, so I try and counteract this by eating lots of fruit and fibre and drinking lots of water etc.


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