If you are in discomfort and can't sleep I just had to post this for you

Well, I'm not asleep either. If nothing is helping and you also get to the point of thinking , why am I listening to and interacting with t.v programmes such as the news etc. I mean what am I listening to it for? Maybe this will help. It's the most meaningful projection I've witnessed today! It's deep if you think about it.

Sesame Street's Cookie Monster does Mastermind


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  • Thanks my friend but I could not get it to work for me!

  • Hi, it's on BBC news website if you can get that. Very funny in my opinion!

  • Thanks my friend, I shall have a look :)

  • I use kalms . I take 3 per night. They work great for me. You can get them in Asda or Tesco. The strongest mg.

  • Brilliant!

    Thanks for posting!

    Luv cookie monster😄


  • Mmmmm cookies

    try a lettuce sandwich

    works cause of the natural opioid

    in it ?

  • Hi, just googled lettuce opium, jury might be out on that one, might try it though! Just concerned how much of it I would have to eat!

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