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Experience with cheap turmeric supplements?

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm Daisy 37 years old and live in Minnesota and currently single

Just new here and I was wondering if there're people that use turmeric supplements for decreasing inflammation with this cold weather? Living in Minnesota with the cold winters Turmeric did wonders for my arthritis and anxiety. My arthritis gets worse in the winters which the turmeric supplements did wonders for me.

Only now my financial situation is getting...How do I put this?...Well just F#cked up..(sorry for the language)

And all these supplements are ridiculously expensive, which make it for me hard to buy my next badge of turmeric supplements.

Well, long story short. Do you guys have experience with high-quality turmeric capsules with very low cost?

I found this site, which looks pretty good if you look at the discount package, but I'm a skeptic to these days,

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Has anybody has experience with these Turmeric supplements? It would help me a lot if you could advise me on this.

If you have other options that are even cheaper, you would be my hero :hamd:

With love,


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I buy mine on EBay from a seller in Sri Lanka. Arrive in the UK within a week. Had no problems with them and they seem of high quality to me. Comparable with the dearer ones I initially bought OTC.

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DaisyMichelle in reply to

Thank you so much. I will take a look at that!

I bought a year’s supply very reasonably on Amazon and find it definitely helps.

Sometimes they have them on Vipon (there is a UK & a USA version). Reviews are optional and products are reduced.

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On the efficacy independent.co.uk/life-styl...

And food fraud trello.com/c/p6kavmxW/320-t...


Please don't get wrapped up in all this crap about it do yòu have any idea how much of that stuff you will need to take to get any benefit from a herbal drug....do your proper research..

Good luck

Take care


Hi Daisy

Happy Christmas hope your doing good. I am in the UK and have just started taking Tumeric and black pepper supplements for Fibro. You can get 600mg 60 tablets from Holland and Barratt 2 for 1.

Good luck if you need any help let me know.

Best Wishes



You could Jon the Turmeric User on Facebook. It’s the original group started by an Australian vet. Making your own Golden paste is definitely the cheapest way to take it.

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