metalic taste in mouth and a furry tongue, any ideas?

look at past questions and see others have this too

. i have not really noticed before but having a big flare at moment and this odd symptom has appear. Anyway my question is this a syptom of fm or a side of meds. on amptriptyline 45mg tramadol and paracetomal and aciclovir x 2 daily (antiviral for reocurring facial shingles) ?

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  • just read this back, please excuse the spelling, grammer and missing words. Really nt with it at mo. hope u can get the gest of it. lol lou x

  • Yes metallic taste is one of the fibro symptoms For me it tends to make me want to drink more and more. So frustrating - thing is I have refused meds these last 3 weeks or thereabouts [suffering for it] yet I still have metallic taste.So is it the meds or is it not or just the good old fibro causing it.

  • thanx circutrunner, i am exactly the same makes me drink loads. mm i still wonder, must be a gd old fibro thing. have a gd day lou x

  • I have this furry tounge i think is dairy if i dont have dairy products it helps but not had it confirmed with gp till now my gp wasnt very sympathetic i use strong taisting boiled sweets to take away matalic taste i use tesco cherry throat sweets get your gp to take a look might be tonsilitus love and gentle hugs xxx

  • I chew gum all day for dry mouth. Not very ladylike, but what can you do? I am forever sipping water too. Dry mouth can be caused by meds too.

  • I worried for ages that my breath must smell but my DH promises me he can't smell anything.

    Annoying as hell though.

    Spirit x x x

  • There are all sorts of infections and disorders that can cause either of these symptoms and my advice as always is, if the symptoms don't resolve within 7 days, see your GP (or dentist in this case) and get it checked out. However, I know of one thing (I'm sure there are more) that causes these 2 symptoms together and that is a lack of Vitamin B12, needed for building proteins in the body, red blood cells, and normal function of nervous tissue. The best natural sources are liver, kidney, yogurt, dairy products, fish, clams, oysters, nonfat dry milk, salmon and sardines. Although if you don't fancy any of that, I'm sure there are pills out there to do the job and to start with a good boost, could be a better option.

  • thanks for replys gr8t help, will c how i go and consult gp. thanks again lou x

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