Fibro and motobike riding

Hi can anyone help me. I work as a carer limited hours and my only means of transport is my motorbike.

Im having some issues with my employer as they are saying that i have never disclosed my fibro to them. (i have many times even giving them doctors notes with my condition on).

They have now thrown up that i shouldnt be riding a motorbike with fibro. Can you help me as need to know if this is true do i need to inform dvla etc..

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  • If you go on the Fibromyalgia Action UK website there is a very informative section about driving and fibro and the instances where u just should contact the DVLA. If your GO is quite happy for you to drive I can really see no problems. I drive and re!member asking my GP. He said that as long as I did not feel that any if the medication affected my concentration or awareness he was more than happy for me to drive and in fact encouraged it as it have me my independence. If I up my Pregablin for any reason as my body is not used to the increased dose I do not drive the next day. When I started on my new meds for fibro I did not drive for the first 6 weeks so I could fully gauge how it affected me and I initially the side effects made me very our of it but she my body became used to them I tested myself out on short trips and then longer ones and I am fine

    If you have provided sixk notes showing you have fibro I cannot see how they state you have-not informed them. It is always wisest to run any illnesses past your insurers as well just in case. Good luck with it all.x

  • Hi thank you i have had a look.

    My employers are being a right pain at the mo. As soon as my diagnosis was given i informed them. abd it was logged etc, however due to 3 absenses in 12 weeks they called me in for a meeting and have now said i had never told them etc,

  • Ah we see what's going on here. Be careful, make sure you tell them every detail in writing sent to them by post with a signature needed. I assume if you had a meeting it was minuted and you received a copy of minutes x

  • The meeting happened at 10.30 am minutes were taken but had decision by 4.30. Nit received minutes yet.

  • Ask them for a copy. Was it an official disciplinary meeting?? Did you have anyone as in a witness with you, which you are entitled to.

  • Yes it was an official disciplinary I didn't take anyone as didn't think I needed to.

  • Is this a big company with an HR dept

  • They should know where your sick notes are, either with HR dept or dwp if you were getting sick pay. They still should have copies of them on file that you can prove it they were informed

  • I have asked them for copies of my sick notes andating all my supervision meetings as every 3 months it was brought up in those.

    They are not a huge company but do have a hr dept

  • Hmm still think this sounds like they are trying to get rid of you but as someone said earlier, fibromyalgia is a recognised disability and you being off with your fibro should not trigger absent from work but HR dept shud know this. Maybe you need to point this out but I would definitely get in touch with citizens advice in your area. They know everything there is to know about employment law and this is the road you need to take. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

  • I will thank you all so much.

  • Hi there

    Our rosewine has given you some excellent information :)

    I am just wondering whether your GP surgery would be able to write you a letter confirming when you were issued with a Sick Note and what your GP wrote on it.

    That would then prove to your employers that you have informed them.

    It may be a good idea to contact the CAB and make an appointment to see an Advisor, just so you can be clued up on what your rights are with regard to the way your employers are treating you.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • Thank you. I have spoken to my doctors surgery regarding diagnosis and sick note unfortunately I can not get to see my doctor till 15th July. But I have only 7 days to appeal the misconduct decision. I have emailed my employer regarding the date so just waitingto hear back from them . I'm just so upset and frustrated.

  • Your right blueberrymermaid,mneeds to contact cab, this sounds as if they are using any excuse to get rid. Not good practice and need to know your rights, but they also need to watch and know what they are doing could be construed as being out of order

  • I asked my son, a police officer, if I was ok to drive my car with fibro.

    He said as long as I wasn't told by my dr that I shouldn't or the meds effected me I was ok.

    I am not sure about a motorbike as I know that you have the weight of that to contend with.

    I think rosewines advice is good and you could always ask your dr to write you a note to say your ok as well.

    Good luck and best wishes. 😊

  • charlie1980 , Fibro is a chronic pain condition (mainly).I gave never heard of not being able to drive because they have chronic pain?? I don't get it.Can someone help me ouf

  • Hi Peck. I think it's because of the meds that a lot of people take can make you feel drowsy or delay your reaction speed.

    Lu xx

  • BlueMermaid3 , Thanks Lu I appreciate that as I couldn't understand FM being a reason someone should not drive.Thanks again, Peck🐤

  • Hi charlie1980

    I have pasted you a link to the GOV.UK cache entitled ''Medical conditions, disabilities and driving,'' and I cannot see anything on there about not driving with Fibro? I have pasted you the link in case you wanted to check it for yourself:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello!! I had to sell my motorbike and get a Honda S Wing sooter instead due to Psoriatic arthritis causing linited use of my left hand. I also have Fibromyalgia. I was told by a unon rep that this syndrome is covered by the D.D.A. - Disablement Discrimination Act. Get a copy of the pamphlet explaining this. Maybe the Citizens Advice Beareau could help. Your employer should also be supporting you. It is so hard trying to work when feeling so ill. Good luck....and don't take no shit! 😉

  • Thank you all so much

    Due to being allergic to anything codeine based my Meds are limited to amitriptyline 40mg at bed time and 1600 ibuprofen daily. So Meds wise I don't take any whilst using the bike. I think they are just trying to put obstacles in the way as they have made failings. I manage my fibromyalgia well and feel that I can generally cope with day to day life. I have been told I don't have to work and could claim benefits but don't want to do that until necessary. U still feel like giving up now though.

  • Hi

    I have both ME and Fibro. I haven't driven much at all for five years and for just over the last year I haven't driven AT ALL.

    For me though it was a personal choice because I myself don't feel safe or up to it. I currently find driving difficult because of the mental stress of having to focus and concentrate and for me it is also physically tiring to do which of course makes those mental things worse.

    For me it's nothing to do with meds or pain but that I personally don't feel safe to drive at the minute.

    Also at the minute I am experiencing a lot of twitching and jerking that could I'm sure be very dangerous when at the wheel.

    I notice from the link that Ken TheAuthor provided that the list of notifiable conditions CAN include

    other neurological and mental health conditions

    physical disabilities

    visual impairments

    ME is classified as a neurological condition by the World Health Organisation so I guess that should count (for me). Fibro is classified as a soft tissue condition so I don't think it comes under that.

    However, you may want to consider the issue of physical disabilities and visual impairments. Unfortunately that description is a bit vague and it could depend on just what the powers that be consider to qualify under those descriptions. It could just be physical as in missing a limb and visual as in partially blind etc. But it may be a bit grey when it comes to the debilitating physical symptoms of these conditions and the visual issues we can have, like blurred vision.

    I guess overall it is also up to us to really think sensibly whether we ourselves feel totally safe and in control. I know of late I don't feel up to it.

    However, having said that one of my brothers in law is an ex policeman retired early due to Fibro and he still rides his motorbike so I'm assuming it's legal and really down to our own recognition of our abilities. I promise you he is straight as a die and would not do so if he thought it was illegal.

    All above is just my opinion though and not based on any knowledge of the legal position.

    Good luck with your situation, hope it works out for you.

    Gentle hugs, Margaret.xx

  • Fibro is on the disabilities list. Employers have to use a different way of logging illness for disabilities. Absences due to your disability should not trigger absence procedures.

  • Very true x

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