Severe pain and hypertension

I am so fed up at moment of feeling crap, just ache all over got real high blood pressure temperture and pulse and can't sleep. since yesterday. I would give anything just to feel normal tonight so I can have a good night sleep. Don't know if having a flare up and bad reaction to some beta blockers been put on this mornng to reduce blood pressure as was 178/112 at doctors today, pulse 108 and temperture 38.6.. just feel so bad tonight which aint like me as i'm always positive

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  • Hi hon

    so sorry to hear you feeling crap hon. know how you feel. Does get you down sometimes.

    Hoping for better day tomorrow.

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • Thanks Jessielou, today not as bad, slightly better xxxxxxxx

  • Dont worry we all have times when we sit on here and it all just pours out and other days are better or worse you prob are having flare up ia am in one at min been weeks but there you go, i hope that you feel a little better fri and things start to improve with this you never know do you take care love to all Diddle x

  • Thanks Diddle xx

  • Hi there,

    Its so good to moan on here, it makes me feel sooooo much better, plus my other half doesnt get it when he walks in, bless him.

    I have so many days like that and i too am a real positive person and never play on this at all, but we are only human and we have to have some off days.

    hope you feel better soon hun.

    Gentle hugs. kel xxx

  • Thanks Jazher xx

  • i am so so sorry you are feeling so bad we are all sending hugs and good wishes and hope things settel down soon and your doctor can get things right and put you on the right meds sending soft hugs and good wishes :-D

  • Thanks Kath xx

  • Hi Christine, thanks for reply, was back at GP today, blood pressure down a little, but still high, have given me another Antibiotic thinks I have a kidney infection, got to go back on Monday. Told me not to work until they get my blood pressure under control. Luckily off now till next Thurs so not got signed off sick, got an appointment with occupation health to see if I need to change my shift pattern at my own request, I am quite lucky that I have fantastic employers who are supporting me 100% since getting the diagnosis last March of Polymygria Rheumatica and Secondardy Fibromygria, still too young for the pymygria as normally don't affect people until well in their 50's and they think I have had it for at least last 5 years and I'm only 40, my problem is I push my body too much and then pay for it with flare up at least every 6 week or so x

  • Thanks Christine, yes took many years to get to the route of the cause but hopefully now i have a diagnosis I can work with that and start to realise and recognise my own limitations. This present symptom has been ongoing since mid January as I began getting severe headache and vomitting and my bp increased rapidly, 2 ct scans and 2 lumber punctures ruled any serious conditions and they ensured that I got the full medical over 5 days in, but the nursing staff need to start realising that the ain from fibro is very real and not in our imagination, sometimes it is so frustrating. Ironcally I had seen my rheumatologist in the morning and I was well enough he was happy to take me off regular appointment check up and put me on the open file but then 2 hours later severely ill. In hospital, I need to call his secertary and explain as i need to go back and see him x

  • Thanks all for support having a slightly better day today not as bad but still not right, but do have the support from work and that means a lot as I truely enjoy my work, bp down a little but still way too high xxx

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