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Sleepless night continues

As I was saying before my phone crashed I am reading lord of the rings again don't know if I managed to put on other bit I am going to see doc on Thursday about this sist see if any thing left init also find out if I can travel without to much paininit as have pain clinic group meeting on friday so if can't travel can't go even gave up my weekly shopping trip the only time I go out I sent the hubby on his own he didn't do to badly I forgot to see if there was any change hmmm I'll have to do that later well ttfn . Sithy

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Morning, I've just finished reading the Grey trilogy. Can't get into another book just yet. I usually have to leave it a week or so before I start another one :-)

good luck getting your cyst looked at. Sounds bad if you can't walk because of it :-(

Relax and enjoy your book precious........haha

Flips x


Ta will do it hurts worse going over bumps in the roads I can stop shuffling along if it hurts but can't do that when hubbys driving plus. I think a sudden stop would be extremely painful, on to other things my daughters are raving over those books the middle one thinks its great and the youngest wishes she would hurry up and finish the first one so as she can borrow it as she can't afford to buy it herself , I don't know if my eldest is reading the she lives in Cumbria so we don't see her much she usually makes it down at Christmas train fairs ain't cheap she does phone occasionally but that usually happens when she's in boyfriend trouble or skint more often than not the latar don't know where she thinks I'm gonna spirit cash from, kids eh who'd have em silly buggers like me lol well hope you find a good book gentle hugs. Sithy ps I still aint been to sleep hope it happens soon or hubby up change my dressing soon he still won't let up tinks I'll fall and do myself some damage he's probably right wouldn't let Me up when I had my hysterectomy the wound came open on that and as I have a role that goes over the scar I agreed with him district nurse didn't until it was pointed out that I do more sitting than anything else and the wound would sweat and possibly end up with an infection she bowed to his logic well he had asked his parents advice they they're both ex nurses lol.well goin t try to sleep but don't see it happening any time soon. Ttfn


Sorry to read about your cyst. They are painful buggers, aren't they?

I too, am running on empty re. Sleep. Pain and discomfort are so frustrating when you are exhausted, and the best thing to heal is sleep...but it won't come! I tried everything last night...including 2 zolpidem (10mg -which should have knocked out an elephant on top of all the other meds I've taken...)but not to be. Eventually, after about 2 weeks, I just crash.

Good job your hubby did the shopping. Mine has been too busy with work, so we are working through whatever is in the freezer (making meals interesting to say the least!).

Feel better soon.



Mine is my official carer so he's usually around 24/7 but getting him to do thong sometimes is hard work you ask him to do somthing its yea then he sits in front of the computer for th nex hour and he wonders where the kids got that habit from he says its from me he wamts t take a look at himself men eh who'd have'm fools like us lol .TTFN SITHY


hi all,i have phenergan tablets and half a tab does the trick,sometimes a quarter of tab is enough..worth a try,they are non addictive as well so ask your doctor xxxx i must say the first time i took a whole one as directed and slept all night and all next day!!! so be carefull xx


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