Another sleepless night

I've been awake all night and it's now 7.58. I often get this and I'm guessing some of you do too. I'm on sleepers but have been on them for so many years that my body has probably become immune to them. What do you do when you're awake all night? Admittedly I started off trying to get a couple of cheap tops in more summery colours...but apart from that and toothpaste and a few bits nothing. Any tips? I'm also curious as to what people do when they're awake all night?

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  • Hi Lins345, I tend to read a lot or surf the net. Last night I downloaded an app of relaxing sounds of the sea. I'm not sure it made much difference but I did dose off a few times listening to it.

  • I did the same last night x

  • Hi Lins, it was only a couple of hours ago we chatted! So I chat to other loons on the net!😂😂😂 I watch films, read play games on iPad and when I'm trying to actually sleep I listen to chill out music or relaxation tips. I'm terrible for writing to do lists too!

    Patrick x

  • I read, watch a bit of telly, make a hot drink, perhaps a biscuit, (or two), have a go at my Puzzle Book, turn the radio on low.

    If you are having trouble clockwatching, turn the clock to the wall, it really helps.

    What is a definite no no and scientists have comfirmed this, is not to use electronic devices like your computer or phones as they give off a light which keeps you awake. Also you are generally communicating which is keeping you alert.

    One television programme advised turning off phones altogether so you don't automatically reach for it every time a message comes through and even removing them from your bedroom so you are not tempted to message someone else.

    Sometimes though you get nights when nothing works and you just have to go with it.


  • A lot of different things going on with us insomniacs. I was bought a stress colouring book from my daughter and I may give that a go the next time I have one of these nights. Take care all xx

  • I am the same as you. I used to use a sleeping tablet twice a week but am now finding I feel headachy and off all the next day so I am not sure it is worth it.

    I listen to music or read to try and take my mind off not sleeping.x

  • Hi my friend

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read that and I truly hope that you manage some sleep tonight. Apart from working on here, I pot up my seeds, transplant and thin out seedlings, re-pot my pot plants, water indoor plants. Anything to do with my plants really, and I also read my garden magazine! Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I'm not a doctor but if you want to sleep ask your doctor for some Lorazepam they are addictive but they work .xx

  • They are very addictive and I'm pretty sure that they're banned in the UK. Just have to suck it and see as the old saying goes! x

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