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Oh dear i knew what would happen but we all do it did not sit down yesterday from 6 am through to 8 pm i had my Grandsons round all day and out for carvery meal with family and boy i am paying for it today and on top of that i have had to deal with a very very stressful situation that happened to my eldest daughter this weekend (she ok) all sorted but being Mum you sort it out and now i am in pain ll over my body , its awful when we all have a lovely day with family knowing the next day we are going to suffer . any tips for me ? love to you all and soft hugs Diddle x

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oh dear diddle ,im just the same today ,had a lovely day yesterday and iam paying for it today ,

so maybe not the one to give you tips

hope you feel beter gentle hugs xxx


Hi there diddle i always suffer on a monday as my kids being off school on the weekend i never get rested.

You need to rest today, thats all i do on a monday anyway, i do a few little jobs that my partner notices so he thinks i have kept busy, but he doesnt know i have been on here allday. lol

kel xxx


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