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It looks like another night of clock watching and trying to count sheep and prob all the other animals in the farm yard

my whole body is in so much pain i have had all my meds i cant take any more util 7 am the earliest so hours to go arghhhh

think trip to my GP is needed may try to get in tomorrow

any way i am now off as this is not helping me wind down love to you all diddle xxxx

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hi here i am again still awake , could still eat carrot cake and a milk shake .lol


Still laying awake here too, counting the farmyard as well.

if i had carrot cake & milk shake id b up like shot, counting the hrs till the alarm goes off. lets hope we all get some sleep soon. x x


same here took all pills and nothing working husband snoring and have given up tonight cant even concentrate on the tv. feet tingaling and legs twitching.

gonna try warm milk and a book next

nite all



I have sleeping tablets and quess what not working husband to

is snoring can hear throught the ceiling I did try to poke in the ribs

a few times, but he just turns over and starts again. what happened

to my young days when a cuddle was good in bed not now as it


Maybe all of us could go to a party we could all have cake and tea or

milk not wine and peanuts not dancing for us, does not sound much

of a party does it, so maybe we should forget that one for to night.

Love Viv


One of those nights for everyone I guess!! - I ended up cleaning kitchen cupboards for an hour at midnight as, although the pain was not so bad, I just could not sleep


Having Osteo Arthritis in most joints as well as Fibromyalgia since 1997 and an heart condiction since 1966 and my GPs are not that good I find thanks to Clinical Psycologists who know what they are doing have helped with distraction/control technics.

I retired 11 years ago aged 59 and now get up when I can and like you do not sleep at all well so I watch CATCH-UP etc., on a laptop computer and sleep when my body says so (cat nap).For pain try BIOFREEZE roll on but buy it off the internet its much cheaper than at the chemist,other than that i take Paracetamol and diazapam once a day to knock me out for about 2/3 hours.


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