Just had an Atos Medical and cant stop crying!!!

I have just returned from my medical with an Atos employee and feel traumatised. I started to cry half way through having to tell the Atos lady how Fibromyalgia affected my day to day activities. She was very nice though but it did make me realise how much Fibro has changed my whole existence. I felt like I was self pitying myself ...just wish I hadnt cried...help!

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  • Aw bless you. It's terrible when talking about how we feel reduces us to tears like that. Don't wish you hadn't cried, it shows them how you feel.

    Gentle hugs to you xx

  • Thankyou for your kind words ...gentle hugs to you too xx

  • I sometimes cry too when trying to explain how fibro affects me, in fact now I cry very easily

  • I cry so very easily too...the more I tried to stop the more I couldnt..its so good to hear you feel the same xx

  • i spent all morning crying lol having a heart to heart with my husband trying to explain how i was feeling i dont think i got very far all i could do was cry lol

  • Know exactly what you are saying ..you need people on your side to actually understand the whole affecr Fibro is having on your life...but all you would rather be is *normal* and whizzing around like everyone else seems to be!! Glad you are feeling the same as me though! xx

  • awww love you...it is distressing when you have to try to explain how you feel. You're not alone. I hope the outcome of your medical will be good.

    Big hugs to you

    Nicola x

  • Thankyou so much...it means such a lot to be sharing how we feel ..love and gentle hugs to you too x

  • Dont be silly its not till we start to write things or say it out loud that we realise how much it has changed our lives its natural to cry so dont you worry about that . you take care love and hugs diddle xxx

  • Love and hugs to you too....for your kind words xx

  • Well done and thankyou for reassuring me xxx

  • Hi twinnie,

    Dont beat your self up for crying we are only human after all and can only take so much.

    Hope you get a good outcome from it fingers crossed.

    kel xxx

  • Thanks Kel for your words of reassurance the experience though has wiped me out ..hugs to you x

  • Hi it isn't a crime to cry, in fact sometimes you need that release. I burst into tears when seeing a new dentist, it just came over me, and it wasn't a fear of dentists. Everyone treated me there on my return as if nothing had happened. WE have good and bad days, today wasn't too bad at all, the Spring weather does help

  • Thankyou so much for your understanding ....it is a challenge each day to be positive when you are in constant pain isn't it? With love x

  • Bless, having to explain to someone exactly how this wretched Fibro affects out lives makes you stop and think just how it gets a grip on us. Going to an Atos medical is bad enough,let alone the angst of answering some of their questions. I came home and burst into tears as they "doctor" watched me crawl across the floor and try to get up when swelling in my elbows had trapped nerves to my hand and fingers and my knees and ankles refused to obey instructions...this was under the section can you get up off the floor unaided!!!! Oh can't you get up he said, then scored me nil on that one. Well thanks for that then I thought...well words to that effect. i just felt totally humiliated. Your tears were an expression of how you felt, never be ashamed of them, does you good sometimes.

    Thoughts and painfree days, hope you get the result you so deserve.


    Jan xx

  • Thanks Jan ...for your kindness....xx

  • You're welcome, everyone here has a story to tell, and we all can sympathise and empathise with what goes on and how we feel. This little community makes us realise we are not on our own. Wishing you all the very best.x

  • Shortnsweet, I feel so angry for you. How dare you be humiliated in that way :( xx

    Twinnie, I'm not surprised you cried. This condition is upsetting enough without being made to go through hoops to get a few pounds a week from the State. Please don't beat yourself up sweetheart.

    As many have said already, it isn't until you catalogue what you can't do anymore that you realise how much the condition has changed your life and what has been lost as a consequence. I defy anyone not to be upset by the abnormally early curtailment of activities which usually happen much much later in life.

  • I know this condition makes you feel ninety doesnt it? When you say I cant go there or do that because you are having a really bad day ..it makes me frustrated...sure it does for everyone else too xx

  • Ppfftt, all part of the ATOS medical from what i've read elsewhere. Still,such is life. For the good it did i complained about the doctor....nil response was the answer. Chin up and plod on is my attitude. All the best xx

  • You poor thing.But I really think it's good to have a proper cry every now and then. We spend so much time bottling everything up that every now and then it's bound to come to the surface. Fibro does change our lives, but you have good days and bad days, todays a bad one hopefully tomorrow will be better. Get it out of your system and don't for one minute feel guilty about it. x

  • I just felt silly and she just stared at me and said nothing until I stopped...and when I couldnt I felt even more ridiculous. When I think of how I used to be, confident and able to face anything ...the constant pain and fatigue has taken that away. Still there are people worse than me so I am determined to have a positive day ...and the sun is shining too!! x

  • aww twinnie, everyone has their limits, and we usually meet them at some point every day. going before an exam board would strike fear in most of us, let alone because your income depends upon it.

    yes, it's true there are many worse off than us, but there are also millions out there who take their good health for granted! hope yr having a better day today x

  • Hi dear, you are not alone! I do also suffer of fibromyalgia and it is so frustrating the fact our condition can be so badly underestimated, and therefore lacking credibility, which one we crave so much for..!! I will have my second medical next week, and hoping to "nail" it this time around! It's good to cry, my dear, that will also give credibility to our illness and hopefully they will be able to see how much it does truly affecting us... All the best to you!

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