Terrible Pain

Hey everyone,

Long time since I been on site but really need some support/chat from people who understand, whats happening.

My legs below knee and terribly painful for the last few days, they pain everyday but this is the worst flare I ever had! I read somewhere the hot weather can make pain worst. This time last year, I could walk unaided but I have just increasingly worst and now have a stick or mobilty scooter for longer trips. I am 27, and I offer get abuse shouted at me, telling me to use my legs or elderly people staring at me.

Anyways, I have taken tramdol, practemol, and ibforfen. (Sory about spelling), tens machine doesn't seem to help anymore. I didn't sleep well due to being so uncomfortable. Can take anything else?

Many thanks for reading, your time and advice,


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  • Sory for typos, hope eveyone understands!

  • Pay no attention whatsoever to any abuse, people can be so ignorant they cant see your pain, in this hot weather use your scooter all the time and wave serenely as you pass by xxx

  • Awww thanks Lou1065.

    I cried 1st time it happened. People can so be cruel. I shall toot my bell/horn and royal wave as I drive pass. lol. X.

  • I wanted to stick butterflys all over my wheelchair but hubby wouldnt let me. :(

    Seriously have you tried the analgiesic rubs, such as phorpain gell or volterol.

    they both help me with my hip and my hands.

  • My hubby suggested putting a butterfly on my basket! :) there is a lady around who has teddies keyrings.lol. Do it Maryrose :)

    I have very serious sensitive skin, and come up with a rash with many things, so haven't dare tried gels. But at this rate may have to try. Thank you!

  • I have covered my walking stick with butterfly stickers from the pound shop and then added a layer of sealotape to stop them coming off. :D

  • I am looking for a new stick at the moment, that's a lovely idea. I do love a bold/out there stick. But all I can find lately is flowers. lol.

  • I think that they have `minion` stickers. That would make it stand out. :D

  • My skin is crazy sensitive as well and I use pernation gel it's fab! Best gel iv tried..


  • Thank you for your reply. Is it over the counter gel? Never heard of it. Maybe I use it on small area before I use it properly. May send hubby out to get some, cause tramadol is making me feel sick and itchy now :(

  • Yeah some chemists do it, Holland and barrets or on Amazon. I swear by the stuff!! Oh bless ya . I don't get on with any other gel type's then a friend borrowed me a bit of hers and iv never looked back :-) Hope you it eases up soon x

  • 9Thank you agian for your reply. I will get hubby to get some and try it out.:)

  • I'm going to try this as soon as I get into town 😀

  • Hello clumsy Mrs is it fibro that u have got

  • Hi Manu2015,

    Yes I have Fibro. I also have endometriosis which can affect legs too! :(

  • Hello clumsy_mrs what is endometriosis

  • Its hard to explain. Its to do scar tissue inside the womb, growing outside the womb.

    Google search:

    'a condition resulting from the appearance of endometrial tissue outside the womb'

  • Oh that's so awful, please don't take any notice of those yobs, I'd like to see them go through the pain we do just for one day to see how they'd cope, you are so young to be going through this, do you have family support I do hope so, do take care.

  • Hi Arymretep,

    I do try ingrone them, it only happens if I go out by myself. So I can feel a little independent. It doesn't happen when hubby is with me.

    I have my wonderful hubby, who is my carer. And a Auntie and cousins. But sadly my parents and siblings are not very supportive so don't have them in my life!

    I was told I have fibro just over a year ago but I have suffer with pain since I was 16.

    Thank you for your reply! :)

  • That's how cowards behave isn't it when someone is on their own and vulnerable, they would probably be afraid to stand up to your hubby.

    some families just don't understand do they, Mine are a bit the same, though unfortunately I don't have my parents who were the most wonderful you could have and. I Miss them every day. but we are so lucky to have good partners we must count our blessings 😃

  • I thank God every day for my hubsand.My hubby does look tough but wouldn't hurt a spider in the bath tub, hehe.

    Thank you for your words, needed it today. Been in tears. Do you find you have bad flares in hotter weather? I read it somewhere but don't know whether that is true!

  • I've had that sort of week too. In an earlier post I put about waking up in tears and not knowing why it's a horrible feeling isn't it, I do feel a bit better today though, I have to say I'm better in the warm weather I can't stand the cold in my bones, we're all different aren't we, do hope you have a better day tomorrow, take care 😀

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    Al my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello clumsy Mrs sorry to hear that it's bad enough having fibro hope docs can help u

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