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Good Morning to all of my avid readers, are we all ready for the final instalment ??

Then I shall begin :)

So it was time to get the mattresses up the stairs, Mr & Mrs C decided to take Baby Chorley’s mattress up first as this would be the easiest one, they both took hold of an end each and began to lift, up the stairs they went, turned the corner and went into baby Cs bedroom, then they took all of the plastic off and placed the new mattress onto the bed, OOHHHH its looked so comfy Mr C just wanted to lay down on it but Mrs C said No we need to get ours up the stairs, with a sulky look on his face Mr C agreed to go and get the other one.

Off down the stairs they went to get the king size mattress, Mr & Mrs C pulled the mattress to the bottom of the stairs, Mrs C positioned herself at the front and Mr C at the back, 1,2,3 HEEEAAAVVVV very slowly the mattress began to move up the stairs, Then all of a sudden it stopped OH NO thought Mr & Mrs C what ever are we going to do the mattress is stuck, they both stood and looked at the problem wondering what to do, all of a sudden an idea popped into Mr Cs Head PING!!!! Mr C said if we tilt the mattress on its side it might just give us enough space to clear the low ceiling, So they tilted the mattress 1,2,3 HEEEAAAAVVVV the mattress started to move again, YAY shouted Mr & Mrs C as the mattress made its way to the top of the stairs.

Once at the top of the stairs Mr & Mrs C needed to get the mattress round the corner and past the banister, Mr & Mrs C Pushed and pulled the mattress and with an almighty thump the mattress gave up the fight. Into the bedroom went the mattress it was unwrapped and was placed onto the base of the bed. OOOHHHH it looks so comfy said Mr C I could just lay down on it, but Mrs C said NO you cant lay on it until I have made the bed, Mr C had a sad look on his face but agreed to wait until the bed was made, Mr C then hobbled down the stairs to put the kettle on so he could make a well deserved cup of coffee for the both of them. Mrs C came down the stairs and took her nice hot cup of coffee that Mr C had made for her into the front room and joined Mr C, she announced the bed was ready, OH GOODY said Mr C looking all excited, but as he was in a lot of pain he decided to wait until bed time to test the new mattress.

Mr C decided to sit in front of his Laptop and began to write part 2 of a story he was writing for some friends, his friend who he met on a great website were all waiting to read part 2, Mr C knew this would take some time as he finds it hard to type lots of words as he makes a lot of spelling mistakes, as the day went on Mr C carried on writing his story but had to stop when Mrs C announced that it was time for there evening meal. The Chorley family sat down to a very nice Hot Pot YUM YUM YUM.

When the meal was finished Mr C looked at the clock on the wall the big hand was on the 12 and the little hand was on the 6 so for those who don’t know how to use a clock the time was 6:00pm, Mr C knew that he didn’t have long until his friends were coming round to the house to take a look at his Baby, ( Mr Cs Baby being his beloved KAWASAKI ZZR600 motor cycle ) that he has to sell due to his illness.

There was a knock at the door, Mr C open the door to see his friends, Roger,Gill & Don, Out side to the garage went the group the door was opened and the bike was brought outside, Gill who wanted to buy the bike had a good look around and said “ WOW that is a nice bike “ Mr C then started the bike, the engine war purring away when Don who is a Big lad and a very good drummer of a rock band asked if he could take the bike out for a test drive, Yes no problem said Mr C as he has known Don for over 25yrs. Don wet to the car and got his motor cycle helmet, he got onto the bike, put it into gear and with a twist of the throttle he shot off like a rocket. Don had been gone for about 10 minutes then the sound of a roaring engine could be heard coming up the road. Don pulled up and put the bike on the driveway, he dismounted, removed his helmet and with a big smile on his face said to Gill that the bike is great and well worth the money that Mr C was asking for. Gill turned to her partner Roger and asked what he thought, Roger said if Don says it’s a good bike and worth the money you should buy it, with a big smile on her face Gill told Mr C that she would have the bike and promised to look after it as she knew how much it meant to Mr C. so the deal was done, Mr C shook the hands of roger and Don And gave Gill a BIG hug. Mr C said goodbye to his friends and said he would see them soon with Mrs C for a beer or 3.

Mr C returned to the house and sat down on the sofa, he looked over to Mrs C and with a very sad face said “ well my bike has gone “ but he knew it was for the best as it was no longer safe for him to ride due to his illness. Mrs C smiled and said at least you know it’s gone to a good home.

Mr & Mrs C relaxed for the rest of the evening, Mrs C went up to bed around 10pm but Mr C had to wait until 11 before he could go to bed as he had to take his meds, 11Oclock came and went Mr C took his meds and went up to bed around midnight, he climbed into the bed and finally lay on the new mattress, it felt so nice, it was firm but also soft at the same time, there were no springs to dig into his body, Mrs C was already asleep, Mr C soon dropped off to sleep, he woke up about 5 times through the night due to his body being in pain, the alarm went off at 7am and Mr C woke up, he managed to get out if bed by 8:15am. He went to his daughters bedroom and woke her for school, Mrs C got out of bed and came down stairs to a nice hot cup of tea that was made for her by Mr C, once baby Chorley had left for school Mr C switched on his lap top and began to write a story for his friends on a web site………….

Ok Folks that’s all for now, I hope it was worth waiting for.


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that was well worth the wait chorley well done you. now have a break lol love and hugs diddle xxxxx


:) This has put a smile on my face this morning, Thank you x x


Glad you have enjoyed my story, i have no idea what to write next LOL :)



lol what are you like chorley, thank you for the fun x

keep us updated on the mattress i love mine best thing i ever bought ...


Haha, i did enjoy

God knows how you resisted to wait unti 12 to go and try your new bed.

I got one recently and i rushed up to bed first, i still do lol, i like getting myself comfy first before the other half gets init and spoils it.

kel xxx


that was worth the wait but am sad u did not sleep all night xx


Thanks again Chorley for putting a wide grin on my face,a very tired one as you know I was up with a poorly dog.The back and knees are screeming today how much will you charge for a go on the mattress Hugs and hope you haven`t overdone it :-)


Hi all i am so gald i have made so many of you smile with my stories, when i started to write them it was all just for fun, i hope you dont expect a new story every day as i dont think i have it in me :) if you have enjoyed me stories let me know via my inbox even better tell the owners of this site :)



You are a treasure, I hope all the heave ho ing was worth it and a good nights sleep was had! Sorry about your bike, my hubby had two strokes when he was 48, he was and is an avid biker he has a suzuki 600gxs-r.

He refuses to sell it, I don't go out with him now and doesn't go out that often and when he does his brother is usually out on his bike aswell. Bless


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