Just up as burning & aches have got to me!!

I feel rotten to say the least ,my meds are not doing what they should today & dont know why ? I have a burning feelin and ache all over, with a bit off swollen to add to it all.

Does anyone get ther fingers....trying to find how to explain....double hitting the key board keys involentarily...does that make sense!!!? Think i will be in bed again as it is the only comfortable place for me today.

Hope you are all feeling good, thanks for being there for me to rant on..love Mary xxxx.

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  • Hi Mary

    I don't get the finger and keyboard thing myself but I hope you are feeling well soon. Rant as much as you like...its what we need sometimes! If you can, try and get some sleep again....it may help...failing that chocolate??? gentle hugsz xxxx

  • Hi fibrodude, thanks for your comment....got some sleep on & off and things have eased a bit......will try the chocolate to see if that will help lol...it is for research purposes you know lol...xxx Mary.

    dont know if you got first reply ...technology lets me down, take care.

  • Hey Mary, I have moved from my bed to sofa, oh my bed is sooo much more comfortable. May have to change again lol.

    I like Firodudes solution - Chocolate !!!!!, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm x wish it came on prescription lol x

  • Hiya Lou would be good to make it a sun bed. Tha weather in scotland is fab just now,take care,gentle hugs...mary xxx

  • Oh a sun bed would go down a treat. :)

  • Fluid retention can build up in little pockets almost anywhere. In my case it effected the carpal tunnel (down through the wrist into the fingers) which can cause aches and pains as well as twitching/numbness, as well as dropping things you think you hold of. Once was hospitalised and had to go on serious amount of water tablets/fluid restricted to 1 litre daily and after 7 days weight dropped by ELEVEN KILOS!!! I felt like Michelin Man! I do think you should talk to your doctor. They still dont know what is causing it, and still on water tablets.

  • hi tulip, have not had carpal tunnel, i have dr appointment on thursday so will mention to him & see what happens, take care mary.

  • hi bless you i often have to correct my blog before i send it i spell some funny looking words i can tell you love diddle x

  • Hiya Diddle , hope you are having a good day....regarding blogs sometimes i think my 2 jack russells have written the blog lol...hugs Mary xx.

  • Know exactly what you mean re fingers!! I too get this. It seems to be some sort of twitch in my hands when trying fine motor things.(couldn't think of the word I wanted there!!!) My hand sometimes 'flips' too and I drop things with increasing regularity. I wondered if it was the nerves being compromised in some way? Have also suffered Carpal tunnel. Had one wrist operated on. Not very successfully so won't have the other one done. Best wishes Sue.

  • Thanks Sue for your reply, i havent had carpal tunnel that i know of, but i am good at droping things. I also twitch at night when lying in bed, i dont notice it much during the day probably because i am footering about...take care Mary.

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